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2 Simple and Quick Methods to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

Instagram is a hub of some amazing, appealing, engaging, and entertaining content that has the vibe to pull more audiences. What if you can bring the same elements to your website? This is possible by opting on how to embed Instagram feed on website.

If you think this might be a complex process or involve some well-known coding skill, you are highly mistaken. There are ample ways to do it, and many of them are so simple that even people with no experience or from non-technical backgrounds can adapt easily.

Out of such various ways we have filtered 2 simplest ways that you can adopt if you want to embed Instagram feed on the website.

Simplest Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

To add Instagram feeds on the website, you just need to follow a few simple steps, and within seconds your website will be showcasing Instagram seamlessly. These two methods are easy to adopt and have the potential to provide some fantastic results.

Using Social Media Aggregator Tool

Social media aggregators are a boon for businesses and marketers. The tool helps users to collect social media feeds from various social media platforms and assist in displaying them on the website.

These tools provide a dedicated Instagram widget for website that works like a functional block and smoothly displays Instagram feeds on a website. By following some simple and basic steps, you can easily add an Instagram widget on a website, and exhibit Instagram feeds.

To embed the Instagram widget on the website using social media aggregators, all you need to do is – collect Instagram feed using your desired social media aggregator tool, copy the provided embedding code, and paste it onto the backend of the website. And this is it; your website will be now showcasing Instagram feed.

Alongside easing the embedding process, social media aggregators also provide some useful features that add tremendous value to this strategy. Like it allows you to moderate the content on the feed. That means you can remove the content you think is inappropriate or irrelevant to your website. You can either pull the content one by one manually or opt for the profanity filter. The profanity filter automatically pulls the content consisting of the provided keywords. Other features include customization, real-time updates, responsive widget, and more.

Using Instagram Embedding Code

Instagram provides embedding code for each of its posts. To embed Instagram posts on your website, all you need to do is copy that embedding code and paste it onto the backend of your website.

But this method has certain limitations. Firstly, you cannot customize the widget as you can do in social media aggregators. Secondly, you have to go through this process repeatedly to embed new posts on the website.

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So if you want to avoid using any tool for your website and are very picky on selecting the posts, then this method is recommended.

In Conclusion

Instagram is one of the most popular and influential social media platforms. Using it for marketing purposes can help you in the long run and might help your business grow and prosper. However, by opting to embed Instagram feeds on the website, you can extract maximum benefit from the platform. So try these methods now and take your business to new heights.

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