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How to Dress Like a Cowgirl

1. Essential clothing

Image Source: Stylevore

First prepare a pair of beggar jeans. Pants should fit well, ideally with rips or holes in them. Alternatively, you can opt for denim shorts or a denim skirt.

2. Wear a button-down plaid shirt. This shirt has long sleeves, short sleeves, and a variety of colors.

Image source: Stylevore

Roll up the sleeves to the elbows.

Knot the shirt at your waist to reveal your belly.

You can also wear a camisole or a t-shirt under your shirt, or nothing at all.

3.Find a western style cowboy hat

Image source: Stylevore

These hats are available in black, brown, tan and white. To dress more like a cowgirl or cowgirl outfits ideas, pick a hat with decorations like medallions, turquoise, or braid.

4.Buy a pair of cowboy boots

Image source: Stylevore

Traditional cowboy boots are made of cowhide, but now there are imitation leather or other animal skins, such as crocodile, snake and buffalo. The heads of these shoes also come in different designs, with round, square and pointed toes.

If you’re going to wear cowboy boots in wet or muddy conditions, buy a pair with a rubber sole.

5. Two braids

You can tie it into a twist, or you can just leave it there. Of course, you can also drape your hair down or tie it into a ponytail.

Accessories (optional)

1.Tie a scarf around your neck.

Latest cowgirl outfit ideas for cowgirl dress up wear a scarf around their necks to wipe off sweat while working on the prairie. Today, scarves have also become a fashion item.

The knot of the scarf should be tied at the back of the neck so that the triangular part is facing forward.

If you’re petite enough, you can tie the scarf around your chest as a small piece of clothing, but this time, make sure to tie it tight!

2.Tie a western style belt.

Cowgirl belts are usually brown leather with large buckles in silver, gold or turquoise.

For a little more personality, pick a belt with a medallion or braided ornament.

3. Wear a fringed jacket.

Fringed jackets are usually suede or cowhide and have a Western feel. The jacket should be simple, preferably brown or black.

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