How To Download Reddit Videos? 4 Ways To Download Them

How To Download Reddit Videos? 4 Ways To Download Them

Posting videos on the social network Reddit can be either third-party from YouTube or Twitter, or internally uploading videos to Reddit. If in the usual way through a browser refresh we can find a link to download a video, which will allow us to do without third-party programs and online services, then the code is built differently on the Reddit social network. This tutorial is about how to download Reddit videos with sound on your computer and phone.

Copy link from Reddit

Before you start, you need to select a video and copy the link to it. To do this, under the post, click on ” Share ” and ” Copy Link “. Further below, follow the method that is convenient for you to download Reddit videos to your computer or phone.

Download Reddit videos using Telegram

Telegram will help you download videos from Reddit to your phone or computer. Also, the installed telegram messenger, both on a PC and on a phone, is a great solution to exchange massive data and create your own cloud storage for free.

  1. Launch Telegram and search for the name of the @AnyVideoDownloadBot bot that will download videos from Reddit.
  2. Just paste the link to the video from Reddit into the bot window and the video will be in your telegram.
  3. You will be asked to choose in what quality to download the video 320px to HD.
  4. You can right click on it and choose ” Save file as “.
  5. The video will be saved in mp4 format on your computer or phone.

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Download Reddit videos using is a website that helps you download your favorite content from Reddit as quickly as possible, whether it’s a post or comment, video or GIF. This site is incredibly easy to use and completely free. You will be provided with detailed guidance, which will make your task easier. All you need to do is find the post (or comment) on Reddit with the video, copy the link and paste it into It’s so simple.

Download video from Reddit using allows you to download Reddit videos without much effort on your part. You just need to track the post where the video is uploaded, copy the link and paste it into the program. The video will be ready to watch in just a couple of minutes. You don’t have to pay to use Do you want to download the program in order to use it a couple of times? They also have an online service that has fewer features but is much easier to use. The only problem is that if you use an online service, you can only upload to SD and the video will be silent.

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Download video from Reddit using AceThinker Online Converter

AceThinker Online Converter is a program that can download videos from many websites, not just Reddit. AceThinker, like the methods above, is completely free, but it’s much easier to download videos with it. You can do it the old fashioned way by copying the link and pasting it into the box. Or you can go to the desired site from the program itself, and it will detect all the videos on the page, after which you just need to click on the download button that will appear on the video. For those who don’t want to install the program, there is a download service on the AceThinker website.


In conclusion, I would like to say that there is certainly no shortage of programs that allow you to download your favorite videos and GIFs from Reddit. However, you should not trust a random program that you just downloaded from the Internet. That is why we have compiled this list. We hope it will solve all your problems related to downloading videos from Reddit.

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