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How to Deal With Clogged Air Ducts in ACs

Air conditioning has now become a necessity. Climate change and global warming have made sure of it that everyone gets an air conditioner to survive through summer.  

Getting an air conditioner is a good thing because it helps you create a calm and comfortable environment, during work from home it became an unavoidable requirement. Air conditioners were once expensive but technological advancements and commercialization have made the air conditioner affordable and cheaper to have and use. Nevertheless, AC maintenance is a must to work effectively, but many fail to ensure this. As a result, air conditioners tend to have issues like clogged air ducts, clogged filters, etc. This article is all about how you can deal with your air conditioner’s clogged air ducts. 

Reasons for clogging in air ducts in Air Conditioners

Have you been regularly inspecting and changing the air filters? They won’t last forever—over time, they become dirty. Let us understand what the reason for clogged air ducts can be.

  • Dirt and grime build up in the air duct: when in regular use there is dirt that on the lapse of time can create webs in the ducts, which would lead to less airflow through the system. 
  • Damaged ductwork: over time there can be rusting in metal ducts or crack in fiber materials duct, the damage can be done to duct irrespective of duct material you have used.
  • Leaking ducts: it is when conditioned air gets distributed from a SEER AC unit and leaks through holes/cracks/seams in the air ducts before it reaches the desired rooms in a home or building for further assistance or air conditioning replacement in Cockeysville, MD contact us.
  • Closed zone dampers: there can sometimes be closed dampers, the damper being operated manually if it gets stuck and is not able to open it can cause clogging. 

What can be the impact of clogged air ducts

While a clogged air duct may not seem like much, its effects can be quite disastrous if it goes on being unresolved. A clogged air duct can cause air conditioners to: 

  • Components inside the air conditioner start to wear down quickly
  • The air conditioner decreases in performance and starts malfunctioning
  • Icing along with the evaporator coils thus inhibiting the evaporator from absorbing heat
  • Infiltration of dust and debris resulting in damage to the motor, fan blades, and compressor of your air conditioner
  • Increase power consumption
  • Place more strain on the electrical and mechanical systems of the air conditioner 

How we can deal with it 

Now that we know why air conditioner air ducts get clogged and what are the effects resulting from the air ducts getting clogged, let us venture into the various ways by which we can deal with clogged air ducts.

  • Cyclic maintenance – It’s good to just inspect and clean your air conditioner on your own once a month. While maintenance and cleaning services by professionals even once a year might do the trick, it is always better to take precautions rather than being regretted. For cleaning or replacement of any part, it’s better to have a help of an expert; an individual, or a team who is aware of their doings.
  • Using air duct caps – Air duct caps are a great means of preventing dust and other obstructions from entering the air ducts. One can also paint it, this will work if there’s no additional insulation around the ducts.
  • Clearing the surroundings – It is a great idea to clear the surroundings of your air conditioner duct, making sure that there is no obstruction around the duct pipe which can lead to poor indoor air quality.
  • Yearly professional maintenance – It is always a great idea to have your ductworks inspected by a professional set of eyes, at least once a year.  

For optimal energy efficiency and air quality, you should be replacing the air filters frequently. The exact frequency varies depending on the type of filter you’re using, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s suggestion for the specific brand you use. Since it is not a common process you shall be aware of, allow us to take care of it. For installation of air conditioners, replacement, or for taking any services in Cockeysville, MD you can contact us.

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