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How to Create a Website Using Wix in Today’s Competitive Era?

In today’s time, everyone needs to have a website for running daily business activities. It is mandatory to design a website to stay in the competition. If you are worried about the development process, the best is to search for the best CMS. WordPress, WooCommerce, and Wix are some of the leading choices that you can use. How to make a website on Wix? Have you ever tried this platform? It is mind-blowing in terms of developing and designing.

Why Use Wix?

Wix is easier to use compared to many complicated CMS for designing websites. It is a drag-and-drop website builder, a special feature that makes it demanding in the market. You can easily design your website with the help of using page elements. In this way, you can use it without coding and that’s a benefit you enjoy with Wix. Non-technical users who hate coding can build a website using Wix. It is the reason to use Wix. Let’s check out the steps to design a website on Wix!

Signing up with Wix

The first and foremost thing is to sign up with the Wix. Open Wix.com and press the blue button to get started. You’ll reach the signup screen that can help you create a new Wix account. It gives an option of signing up with a Google account or Facebook. The choice is yours whether you follow the social app or Google to enter Wix. Just skip the questionnaire session that shows up with some purpose. What comes next?

Choose a template for Wix Website

After you have signed up for the Wix, the next thing is to choose a template to create a Wix site. After you click the blue button, it takes you to the Wix template directory that you can browse after viewing some designs. If you have filled up the questionnaires, you get the templates according to the answers you submitted. 

For this, you can choose any category that covers creative, business, or store. You can choose any design such as food, health, beverages, flowers, tech, and something related to services. You can begin the development right after choosing a theme.

Introducing the Wix Site Builder

After choosing templates, you can click the edit button to reach the drag and drag menu. Now, you have reached the site builder area that helps you to set up your dashboard. It is the most crucial part of designing a website on Wix. It covers the account menu that you can use for managing your website such as email setup, connecting to a domain, and linking social media accounts.

It has different menus. Apart from setting up an account menu, you may also add a blog section to make it an interesting website for readers. You can also control your design after saving and publishing it. You can preview after adding some portions and sections to your site. 

Your website also deals with secondary menus that you can’t skip when designing a site. You can check the preview of your site in this section and more importantly you get a chance to edit and save whatever you want. You have got the access to do so!

On the Wix site, you handle menus and pages, page background, app market, blog manager, media, and several customizing elements to manage the site. The option of copy, paste, and dragging makes it a demanding platform in the world of digital marketing.

Choose Website Type

The website type is the most important thing to consider in this option. You can’t skip this process, as you have to select the name of a website. Interestingly, it works on artificial intelligence systems just because of the questionnaire that you have already filled up. You have to finalize the blog-type whether you are looking to create a fashion blog, health blog, or news blog. You can’t ignore this crucial step.

Customizing Your Site

After you have chosen the type, the stage has come to customize your website. The customization option has many choices, whereas the best is to start from the header. The site header is the first thing you can edit to set up your web design. In this process, you can change the background color, footer menu, and edit media options to create a masterpiece. Customizing features make Wix a popular web design platform.

Publishing Your Wix Site

After you have completed the edit options, the time has come to publish your Wix site. It is the final stage when you have uploaded content, images, header, footer, and blog sections on your site. Now you are ready to launch your site after completing all the work. It is how you can create a website on Wix.

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