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How To Connect Dlink WiFi Extender To Router Without WPS?

The D’link extender is a wireless dual-band & broadband signal booster WiFi range extender device. It is superior to extending the WiFi range & ultimate extending the coverage of your home’s existing wireless network with the mind-blowing speed. The range extender device has great network flexibility & completely reduces interference. The two internal antennas of the range extender completely extend the WiFi network coverage. Additionally, the Dlink WIFi extender accurately helps locate the optimum location for optimal coverage. The network coverage of the range extender is more reliable.  The D’link signals booster extender thoroughly boosts wireless signal to before unreachable or hard areas flawlessly. The one Ethernet port switch is there on the bottom panel of the extender that allows establishing the connection with a wired networking device. 

Moreover, on the front panel of the D’link WiFi range extender device, the smart status indicator LED light is built-in. This LED light is usually more useful & helpful to find the optimum location. The setup of the range extender is very simple & effortless. From dlinkap.local setup wizard, you can perform the extender set up in just a minute. 

Why is it necessary to connect a router to a Dlink WiFi Extender?

The d-link wireless dual-band signal booster is usually used to extend the standard router’s network signal. You can simply & effortlessly extend the wireless network signals of your standard router. Additionally, multiple networking devices simply & easily connect to the range extender. The Ethernet port is there in the range extender. Then, every networking device simply approaches the WiFi range. Desktop, gaming console, laptop, PC, Tablet, Smart TV, smartphone, & other devices fully compatible with the range extender. 

To enhance the wireless network of the standard router, then a setup is required. Without performing the setup, the wireless range does not amplify. Thus, the setup is necessary to fully & completely enhance the standard router WiFi network range. 

How many ways can I set up the Dlink WiFi Extender?

The D’link wireless range extender device comes along with the WPS button. This button allows you to perform the setup. If you wish to connect the standard router to the extender for the amplified wireless range, then you can simply establish the connection. The WPS button of the range extender offers to perform the wireless setup. If you think about how many ways can I set up the range extender. Then you can simply set up the extender in three ways. 

  • WPS button
  • Web browser
  • Mobile app

Connect Dlink WiFi Extender To Router Without WPS

If you wish to connect the router to the range extender without the WPS button then you simply connect it using the Ethernet cable. On the other hand, by using the web interface you can simply make the router connection with an extender. There are some instructions for the router connection. 

Decide the router’s position

If you connect the standard router to the range extender device, then you have to select the position. Because the router’s position is most important. If the router’s device position is incorrect then the connection does not establish. Additionally, the range extender signals LED lights status is red. Then, for this, you need to decide the correct position. The position of the standard router is cool & clean. Moreover, it is near the range extender. If you place the standard router near the range extender then the chances to establish a successful connection. Thus, the standard router location is too close to the range extender & the heating device is far from the extender & router. 

Using web interface wizard 

If you do not use the WPS button to connect the router to the extender, then with the web interface you can simply establish the connection. But with the web interface connection, the web address is necessary. You can open the updated web interface in your stable network-connected device. From dlinkrouter.local you can redirect the login wizard. In this wizard, simply mention the login instruction. Then, visit the setting, & verify the add device. Then, with the Add device option, you can easily connect the router device. In the list, you can select your router’s name, click the connection option. 

With Ethernet cable 

By using an Ethernet cable, you can effortlessly connect the router to the D’link range extender. Ensure the location in both devices. Then, verify the Ethernet port, if this port is dirty, then you should clean it with a dry cloth. Now, you are using a proper & good Ethernet cable. This cable’s end is inserted into an available extender’s ethernet port as well as the router’s Ethernet port. After that, turn On the power in both devices & verify the connection. 

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