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How To Configure AC Mini Router With PixLink WiFi Repeater?

In the long-range areas like a 5-star hotel, education center, shopping mall, restaurant, big home, office, & other the access point as well as mini router range are not suitable. This device’s wireless range is proper in a small area. In the long-range area, the client’s device does not connect & an interrupted signal issue comes. Then for the mini router & access point device, the Pixlink WiFi repeater is designed. It completely repeats the wireless range of your editing device & amplifies the wireless range. The signal amplifier works with the repeater, then it delivers a high-speed wireless range. The Pix-Link repeater device comes along with 802.11ac Network standard then offers high-speed wireless range in the whole house. 

Moreover, the wired device is easily connected to the Pix-link repeater, because the one Ethernet port is built-in. You can plug the Ethernet cable in this port, & completely establish the connection. If you wish to enhance the wireless range of your mini router as well as an access point, then you need to perform the pix link wifi repeater setup. The repeater setup is necessary to properly amplify or raise the wireless network. 

Why does the AC mini router need to be configured with a PixLink WiFi Repeater?

The WiFi repeater devices were generally designed to extend the wireless range of other devices. Because there are many such devices that have very less network coverage as well as WiFi range. Then, the user cannot stream the video & play the gaming console with this device. The network connectivity is available in one room with a slow speed or less coverage. 

Moreover, the Pix-link repeater device completely works with all wireless routers as well as an access point. The Gigabit Ethernet port is built-in in this repeater then, you can also connect your router to the repeater through an Ethernet cable.

If you really enhance the wireless range of your AC mini router, then you should configure it. If you cannot configure the router to the repeater then the wireless range does not amplify. Thus, to enhance the wireless range the configuration is most important. 

Configure AC Mini Router With PixLink WiFi Repeater

You can simply & effortlessly configure the AC router with the repeater. The wireless network of the repeater device is very secure. Because the security encryption works with this repeater. But now the question is how to configure the router with the repeater. Then for this, you need to follow some steps.

Connect the PC to the network

To configure the AC mini router to the repeater, you need to get the repeater’s login page. To approach the login page, your computer, laptop, or mobile phone securely connects to the network. If you wish to connect your PC device to the pic-link repeater’s network, then you can simply connect it. 

For a wired connection, you should place the PC near the rep[ater. Then, you need to examine the Ethernet port. If this port is dirty, then you should clean it. Now, apply the Ethernet cable into an available Repeater’s Ethernet port, & your PC’s Ethernet port. Now, switch on the power & verify the network connection. 

For a wireless connection, you switch ON the WiFi network in your PC. Then, you need to verify the repeater default network name. With the network name, you have to mention the password. Click the connect button & properly establish the connection. 

Access the login page 

After establishing the connection, you should access the repeater’s login page. In this PC device, open the web interface. From http:// myrepeater.net, you absolutely redirect the repeater’s login page. You need to log in to this device account, for this, you write the login instruction in the available login field. The default login instruction is admin. With this instruction, you can simply log in to the account. 

Configure AC mini router with repeater 

After login the repeater’s device with the default admin instruction. You need to click the internet wizard that is available on the home page. If you need it then you should select the operation mode & click the next button. Then, for the optimum & stable wireless range, you need to select the internet connection. 

If you select the wireless access point mode, then the SSID(2G) column is shown, in the field you have to enter a value up to 32 characters. Choose the optimum security for this mode. Mention the security key for security purposes. After that, click the save option to properly configure the setting. 

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