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How to choose the best Ethernet Cables?

The ethernet cables are not that easy to find. However, you can look for the best cables since the network cables look the same but are not the same. The cables are different, and there are so many cables to look out for. Cat7 cables are the best ones since they have high speed and connection.

But choosing a suitable ethernet cable can be a difficult task. There is the best cat 7 ethernet cable available in the market. Further, appropriate ethernet cables help in realizing better connections. The cable price, types, and quality will all affect your choices.

How to choose the best Ethernet cables?

If you want to find the best LAN, you should know the speed you will be working. The network cables should provide you with the highest rate. There are so many kinds of cables that are interchangeable. Select the ones matching the connection speed. For example, you can use a Cat 5 cable with 10G ethernet. But it will slow down the transfer process and will not work according to your needs.

Types of ethernet cables

  • Copper wires

The best cat 7 ethernet cable is made from copper, which influences the price and performance. The copper-clad wires are fully available in the markets. The copper quality affects the performance of the ethernet cables.

With pure copper, there is less signal loss. Therefore, you can work properly without any disruption. For less signal loss, choose wires that are oxygen-free. It should have 99.5% purity and are cost-effective too.

  • Looking for the ITA standards

The Telecommunications Industry Association has published some regulations for all the telecom products. So when you are looking for the best cat 7 ethernet cable in the markets, check for the standard. The cables should adhere to all the development needs. Cat 5e and Cat 6 have the highest standards.
These cables are highly durable and last for a longer duration. In fact, Cat 7 is also a suitable quality cable you can try. The lifespan of the cabling system is about 16 years. This makes it so that customers can use it for relatively long periods.

  • Look for the UL markings present on the casings

To find out the quality of the cables, look for the UL markings. Further, UL focus on testing, quality, and purity. This UL work in numerous industries while developing the standards. The mark proves that the customer has gone through all means of testing.
To find the actual connection speed, start with your home connection. If it has a slow connection, like about 20 megabits, then Cat5 will be perfect. If you don’t know the internet speed, you can connect your PC directly to the modem. This will help you in finding the load test. Of course, it would help if you considered the internet speed too.

If you move between the big files for high-quality videos, you will require better Ethernet cables. With the routers becoming faster, there should be faster connectivity too. The wires should be able to take full advantage of the speed. Cat 6a or Cat 8 works wonders when the cables are good quality. Only having a suitable quality ethernet cable will not work correctly if it isn’t working with a good network. Choose only the best lines when using the internet connection.

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