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How to choose a Damascus Hunting knife

Damascus Hunting knives are not only an effective means of self-defense. They are used for hunting, hiking, and everyday life. Wave-shaped sharpening of the blade and guard, they cut dense materials even with weak sharpening and securely fix the handle.

Blade Size and shape

The thin, long blade is easy to break or bend when trying to pierce or cut through a hard object. It is convenient to use models with a blade thickness of up to 5 mm and a cutting edge length of 45-60 mm. Lightweight and high fracture strength – great for constant wear!

This Damascus Hunting knife has a curved serrated blade that cuts through the fabric and other materials with ease. A saw on the butt will simplify the clearing of thickets.

blade material

Strength in extreme conditions gives stainless steel with alloying additives. The material provides corrosion resistance. The optimum strength of the metal is 57-59 units on the Rockwell scale. Blades with the indicators above are not elastic enough. They break easily under high bending forces.


This part is made of steel, titanium, G10, or durable plastic. Wooden, rubber, or horn handles are deformed with high humidity and temperature changes. Plastic scratches easily and is vulnerable to high temperatures.

Look for knives with a steel or titanium handle with an abrasive notch. Their surface provides a secure grip. Even in the absence of a guard, the knife will not jump out when struck or under a heavy load.

The handles of most Damascus Hunting knives are designed to work with gloves. If held in a bare palm, the notch causes pain.


The ideal knife that you often carry with you for a long time is light and compact. This criterion corresponds to a total length of up to 22 cm and a blade of 10 cm. For cutting meat or fish, we take a larger model.


Despite the universal application, it is important what a Damascus Hunting knife is used for. The most common types:


  • Combat. This is self-defense or the defeat of enemy manpower.
  • General-purpose. To ensure life in field conditions.
  • For survival. Protection from wild animals, butchering of carcasses, collection of firewood, and survival activities in extreme conditions.
  • Nautical. It is used underwater by divers or combat swimmers.
  • Folding. Small size and weight.
  • Urban. Solves everyday problems plus self-defense in the city.

Regardless of the category, a Damascus Hunting knife is capable of solving all of the above tasks. Specialization makes it easier to perform some functions at the expense of others.

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