How to change YouTube channel name

YouTube channel name and YouTube username

YouTube has a “channel name” and a “user name (account name)”. It’s hard to tell the difference between a channel name and a user name, so I think many people confuse the two. There are the following differences between the channel name and the user name. The channel name is a name that is not your real name or personal name and is set when you open a new YouTube channel. This is the name that will be displayed when you upload the video to YouTube, and you can set your own name. The user name is the name you set when you register for a Google account, using your real name or personal name. This will be your YouTube username (account name).


Part1. 5 points to decide the YouTube channel name

Part2. How to change the YouTube channel name

Part3. Recommended software for YouTube video editing Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. 5 points to decide the YouTube channel name

Now that you know the difference between the channel name and the user name, let’s see how to decide the YouTube channel name. Channel names play a very important role on YouTube because they are like billboards. Depending on the channel name, it may greatly affect the number of subscribers. Please be aware of the following five points when deciding the channel name.

Point 1. Make a name that is likely to be received by the target group

First, think about what kind of video you want to send to whom. You can earn as many views as possible by incorporating elements such as “gender”, “age”, “time zone”, “video content”, and “region” for viewing. However, if you narrow down your target too much, it will be less visible to others and can be counterproductive.

Point 2. Make the name easy to find

If you search by keyword from YouTube, Google, Yahoo, etc., the search prediction will be displayed and the channel name will be displayed. You may get stuck in the search by using that function. In other words, by using a channel name that is easy to get caught in the search word, you can increase the chances that as many people as possible will see it.

Point 3. Check if the channel name is covered

I decided on a channel name and started YouTube, but I don’t want the channel name to be covered. If the name is covered, the channel that has been played more often than you may be displayed at the top when you search. When deciding on a channel name, search YouTube once for the channel name and check if it has the same name or if it is worn.

Point 4. Differentiation of channel names

If you just created a channel, you will be buried in many videos. However, it’s a good idea to give your channel a unique channel name to differentiate it so that it doesn’t have similar channel names. It takes time to be recognized, but once it is recognized, the name becomes known at once.

Point 5. Let’s put it in your mouth

It’s not surprising that you don’t feel uncomfortable when you say it, but it’s actually an important point. There is often a difference between looking at a channel name with your eyes and reading it out loud. For example, there are words that are awkward to say, that you will bite no matter how many times you read them, and that the viewer is embarrassed to say. Before opening a channel, it’s a good idea to speak out and read the channel name.

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Part 2. How to change the YouTube channel name

To change the YouTube channel name, you need to log in to YouTube. However, changing the channel name is not that difficult.

Step 1. Log in to YouTube channel

1. Access YouTube and click “Login” at the top right of the screen.

2. Select the account you want to log in to and enter your password.

3. Click Login.

Step 2. Access to the settings screen

1. Click the account icon from the top right of the screen.

2. Click the “YouTube Settings” icon to the right of “Creator Tools”.

3. Click “Edit with Google” from the name in the overview.

Step 3. Change the YouTube channel name

1. The channel name change screen will be displayed. Enter any name.

2. Enter a new channel name and click OK.

3. If the message “Do you want to rename?” Is displayed, click “Rename”.

You can change the YouTube channel name by the above operation.

Finally, among the many stars of YouTube videos that are uploaded from all over the world every day, improving the quality of the videos is also an important factor in attracting viewers. This includes sound quality, and even if the best video can be uploaded, if there is a defect such as some audio being cut off or it is difficult to hear overall, the viewer loses interest on the way and other videos You will start searching. It’s also important to win the viewer’s heart in the first 5-8 seconds. Try to understand the purpose and content of the video clearly at the beginning. It is also important to effectively use transitions and sound effects to maintain your interest in order to prevent you from getting bored and leaving.

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Part 3. Recommended software for YouTube video editing Wondershare Filmora

In order to continuously mass-produce high-quality videos, video editing software that can be used in the long run is essential. The fact that it can be used in the long run means that, for example, even if you are using a limited-time trial version of high-end software, you cannot continue to use it once the period expires. Be sure to choose the retail version with a perpetual license. And in order to regularly upload videos of various genres, it is necessary to diversify the effects and transitions. If you always apply the same effect, you will end up with a series of dull videos. It is important to secure a source of effects that can be used from a long-term perspective.

Therefore, I would like to recommend ” Wondershare Filmora “, a video editing software for beginners and intermediate users . This Filmora is a video editing software that features an intuitive operation screen that even beginners can easily use. With a wealth of editing tools and video effects, you can create attractive videos.

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