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How to Block Websites on Chrome of any Android Phone

The reasons you might need to block a site on your Android device can fluctuate. As far as one might be concerned, you might impart your device to your children and don’t need them to approach any unseemly happiness. Anything the explanation might be, you might be glad to realize that hindering any site on your Android device is a simple errand. You can do it without establishing your phone. You don’t need to be a tech virtuoso to dispose of those locales at long last.

Instructions to Block Any Site on Any Android Device with Firefox

To block any site on your Android device, you’ll have to introduce Firefox. Send off the program and tap on the three vertical spots at the upper right. Tap on the “Peruse all Firefox Add-ons” choice, and in the inquiry bar at the upper left type “BlockSite.”

Add it to your Add-ons and afterward tap on the three vertical specks again and select Add-ons. BlockSite ought to be at the first spot on the list, pick it. Go to Options, and at the top you should see where you can add the URL of the site you need to impede. For instance, CNN was impeded. You’ll have to compose the full location and tap the orange button that says “Add Page.” The interaction doesn’t end there since you need to add the time you need the site hindered.

Tap on the clock symbol, and check the cases the days you need the site impeded. To one side of those containers, you’ll see the time choice. Tap on the drop-down menu, and choose the period. At the point when you’re done, select the green Set box. Attempt to get to the site you recently blocked, and you should see a message saying that the extra you introduced has impeded it.

The most effective method to Block Any Site Using Samsung Internet Browser

In the event that your favoured program is Samsung’s incorporated program, Trend Micro Mobile Security application is an extraordinary decision. Whenever you’ve introduced the application, swipe down until you see the “Organization Protection” choice. Ensure it’s flipped on at the top, and afterward swipe down to the “Impeded list” choice.

Tap on it and on the in addition to the symbol to add the site you need to hinder. In the wake of entering the name and URL address, select Save, and the site will be naturally put on the impeded rundown. You can likewise set the assurance level to one or the other high, normal, or low too. To test it, open Samsung’s Internet program, and go to the website you blocked. You should now see a message from the security application letting you know that this site is impeded. Sadly, the application doesn’t deal with programs like Firefox and Chrome (essentially during my testing).

Block Sites which is not for Children

Kaspersky Parental Control is an incredible application to get your children far from destinations they’re too youthful to even consider visiting. Whenever you first send off the application, you’ll have to indicate who will bring that phone and fill in the name and age of the youngster.

Whenever you’ve filled in that data, you’ll receive a message that everything was set up accurately. Safe Search will be consequently empowered for programs, and the application will impede any site that isn’t suitable for a kid in the age range you added before.

You’ll likewise have to have the application introduced on the device you will use to have the option to impede locales on Chrome. Whenever it’s introduced, open the application and tap on the cogwheel in the Internet choice. Swipe right down until you see the Exclusions choice, and tap on sites. Select the green in addition to the sign at the upper right, and add the site you either need to permit or hinder.

Block Any Site on Chrome and Firefox

An application that will block any site you list whether you’re utilizing Chrome or Firefox is Blocksite Block applications to Increase Productivity. You can impede a site for a specific measure of time, or you can hinder it by and large. At the point when you first open the application, tap on the green button at the base right.

Enter the location of the site you need to block. At the base you’ll see a choice that will permit you to have the application disregard a timetable you can set up to just hinder locales between a particular time period. Assuming that you need the application to continuously block the site, select this choice, yet assuming you need the site impeded for the time you set up, let the choice be. To hinder locales during work hours, the application likewise has a work mode. This choice will hinder any site you wish between the time span you set up. To set this up, tap on the bag symbol in the centre, and tap on the green button. Type the location of the site followed by the green mark of approval at the upper right. Select the clock tab to set up the time span.


It’s significantly more straightforward to block destinations in the event that you have an established Android device, however not every person enjoys establishing their phones. It’s a hazardous interaction that has a few extreme results. As you can see from the instructional exercise, hindering a site on any Android device is pretty much as simple as introducing an extra on the Firefox program. How would you block locales on your Android device? Share your contemplations in the remarks beneath.

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