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How to Beat Radon Test

We’ll talk about how to beat radon test. In the mitigation and testing industry, we’ve met homeowners who aren’t happy when confronted with the prospect of installing a radon mitigation system. But, it’s normal that most people selling their properties don’t intend to make a big investment in repairs to their homes; however, there is no radon gas to be play with. We will go over how to beat radon test in the article in great detail.


Radon testing has become an integral part of home sales over the last decade. It could be due to the increased awareness of the dangers of radon gas in the home.

The gas radon is classify as a carcinogen in class A which is known to cause cancer in humans. Over 21,000 Americans suffer every year from lung cancer caused by exposure to radon gas at toxic levels (according to the EPA and the US Office of the Surgeon General).

“What is”radon?”

Radon is a natural gas found in soil that results from a uranium decay present in the soil. When it is formed by radon, it rises out of the soil and tries to disperse into the atmosphere. If a home is blocking its path and the house is causing the blockage, the gas can be trapped in foundation floors, floor gaps, rock, or cracks in concrete slabs or walls. Once inside a home, there’s no way where the gas can escape, and it could increase to levels that are dangerous to breathe. But, the gas radon can’t be seen by humans because it is a noble gas, so you’ll not even be aware of its presence within your house until it’s a long way. Radon testing is the only method to determine if your home is in danger of radon-related issues.

Charcoal Radon Test Kits. Continuous Digital Radon Monitors

Charcoal Test Kits

When we talk about the best way to beat radon tests, the most widely used kind of radon test offered is the home carbon test kit that tests for the radon. The charcoal test kits can absorb radioactive particles in the alumina-based charcoal pack for a set period (2-5 months). After the charcoal pack is expose for the specified duration, it’s seal before being sent to a lab to be examine. While these kits are affordable and readily available for those who wish to check their levels of radon but they shouldn’t be utiliz in real estate transactions since they are easily modified. Carbon radon isn’t a test kit that would stop the possibility of moving it towards the outside of the home or even an upper floor of the home to modify the test results.

Continuous Digital Radon Monitors

The most well-known radon testing option for buyers and realtors is the continuous monitor for radon. Expertly-designed digital radon testing apparatus is an effective and accurate method of testing whether or not there is radon. At Lifetime Radon, we utilize the AirThings Corentium Pro testing monitor regularly calibrated to ensure precise precision.

How can you defeat your Radon Test in the Correct Method?

The Radon mitigation system draws air underneath the structure. . Radon mitigation systems reduce the radon level to below 4.0pCi/L and, in some cases, less than 1.0pCi/L. Certain websites say that windows open can be a great way to reduce the radon level before and during tests.

Additionally, closing windows constantly to let radiation escape isn’t a sustainable option. A previous blog post read, “Will the opening of My Windows Lower My Radon levels? ” We discuss three main reasons why this isn’t the best solution for problems with radon in the home.

What can you do as a buyer of a house?

There are ways to prevent fake tests for radon. Always insist that an approved firm for testing for radon perform the test when you are selling your house. Also, check if the equipment you use for testing was calibrate recently to ensure accuracy. . Radon levels fluctuate through the year, and the test you take next could differ from the first. However, it won’t make a significant difference.


Cheating during a radon test by opening windows, concealing it in plastic baggies, or even taking the test outdoors isn’t the best option. It is possible to be catch rapidly mainly when a test is digital is conduct and be putting the lives of the next homeowners who are unaware of the risks of high levels of radon for a longer period. Suppose the homeowners that follow your diagnosis are confirms to have lung cancer and follow up with tests for radon which reveal that their levels of radon are much higher than the tests you conducted in the process of selling the property, It could cause legal issues. Testing before selling your home and installing the radon mitigation device, should it be require, can increase its value, protect your property from damage, and will save you the trouble of installing the system before closing.

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