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How to Apply for a Personal Loan – Check Out Everything You Need to Know

The integration of digitisation to the lending and finance industry simplified. The entire lending-borrowing process for all along with other services. Today, one can easily access any loan, credit card, or such financing from the comfort of their homes. The only catch is that one needs to be eligible for the concerned financing option and hold necessary income and stability for repayment. Personal loans aspirants have been one of the prime benefactors of the digitisation process as. These loans are often sought as an emergency financing resort, requiring quick approval and disbursal.

Today, an eligible candidate can secure a personal loan in as less as a few minutes. With disbursal following in the next 24 hours, provided by most reputed lenders. When seeking to avail funding, you must be well aware of the process regarding how to apply for a personal loan. Which should ensure hassle-free completion of your application. Let’s check out all the necessary details related to your personal loan application, from the process involved, to eligibility, and documentation.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan?

You can apply for a personal loan both offline as well as digitally. Let’s first check out how to apply for a personal loan online.

1. Once you have selected the personal loan option to borrow and determined the lender, you can visit their official website.

2. On the website, navigate to the ‘Personal Loan’ option and check out the details related to the features, facilities, and eligibility requirements.

3. If you meet all the eligibility parameters laid down by your financial institution. Proceed to choose the ‘Apply Now’ or ‘Apply Online’ option.

4. It will take you to a new page displaying the personal loan application form, which you need to fulfil.

5. Fill up your application form with all necessary personal, occupational, and monetary details, including your income, repayment liabilities, etc.

6. Next, fill in the loan amount you seek to avail along with a suitable tenure that would fit your repayment capacity. To select a suitable loan amount and tenure, use a personal loan EMI calculator hosted on the lender website itself.

7. Proceed to verify your identity with an OTP verification at the provided mobile number. And complete paperwork through all documents submission.

Once all these steps are complete, you can submit the application form and expect approval shortly.

Existing customers of reputed financial institutions can apply for the loan through. Their dedicated pre-approved offers as well, which can further hasten the entire loan processing for quick approval.

Apply Personal Loan Offline:

Now, let’s check out how to apply for a personal loan offline in the following few steps.

1. Once you have selected the loan option and a suitable lender, visit the nearest branch of the financial institution selected.

2. Connect with a lender representative and obtain the personal loan application form.

3. Fill it up with necessary personal and financial details, along with the loan amount and tenure you seek to avail.

4. Next, submit all the required documents.

Once the process completes, you need to wait for verification connect from the representative later in the day or any other day. The loan is approved and disbursed on the completion of such verification.


The personal loan eligibility requirements are simple, and hover around factors like your occupation, age, income, financial stability, city of residence, credit score, and citizenship stability.

To confirm your eligibility, you would need to provide all related documents along with KYC documents that primarily include your identity and address checks. With this information regarding how to apply for a personal loan, you can proceed to decide which loan option to avail and where to borrow from. Make sure to work on your creditworthiness as it should help secure the best rates on your personal loan.

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