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How Does Drain Line Camera Inspection Work?

Cameras, like all other objects, are getting smaller in size these days. Cameras have evolved from large, bulky pieces of equipment to smaller and smaller devices. It is small enough to fit on the back of most smartphones while still capturing high-quality images.

Cameras have become so small that they can now be used not only for spy and undercover operations but also for the plumbing industry, which is very useful.

Rather than having to use large manual tools, listening equipment, or even dig up an entire area to identify the exact cause of a problem in pipes, which also involved a lengthy process, plumbers now have the option of inspecting pipes and drain lines using miniature cameras designed specifically for that purpose. If there is a problem in drain lines, such as a clog or a leak, camera line inspections can easily detect it. 

Type of Camera Used in Inspection

A drain inspection camera, also known as a drain pipe camera, is a type of camera used for drain line inspections.

This is a small, flexible camera designed to be snaked into drain lines and pipes to allow an ocular examination of pipes or lines located beneath houses, buildings, or roads. The majority of drain inspection cameras are designed for either large pipes or narrow drains.

These cameras are used to get a clear picture of what’s inside the pipes so that plumbers can look for problems. Drainpipe cameras are a relatively new technology that is ideal for detecting even the smallest of problems with pinpoint accuracy.

Common Types of Drain Problems

Drain pipes may be inaccessible parts of your home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to damage. The following are the most common and frequent issues that can be detected through drain line camera inspection:

  • Tree roots that have broken off and fallen into your drain line: If you have a lot of trees in your area, some of the roots may have broken off and fallen into your drain line. Th is can damage drains or pipe lines.
  • Because the soil that houses your pipes and drains lines shifts, your pipes may collapse, develop cracks, become misaligned, or even break.
  • Some kind of block occurs when grease, leaves, or other objects become lodged in pipes or drain lines, making water flow difficult.
  • Bellied pipes occur when a section of a pipe has descended, allowing waste and other debris to accumulate. Broken seals between pipes, on the other hand, cause leaking joints.

How Does It Work?

A high-resolution drain pipe camera is attached to the end of a flexible rod to allow viewing inside pipes and drain lines. The rod and camera are then inserted into the pipes by a professional to check and inspect the problems.

The use of a flexible rod allows for greater mobility inside pipes and sewer lines. The expert will be able to see all of the pipes and lines, including the corners. This is the most basic and traditional method of inspecting drain lines with a camera.

The inspection camera is connected to a Pipeline Inspection Gauge, which is a cylindrical mechanical body that can move through the pipes and lines, for more complicated drain lines.

Aside from the camera, it can also be connected to other debris-removal equipment.

It is used not only for inspection but also for pipe and drain line maintenance. It also has lighting features to provide a clearer picture of what’s inside the pipes. The images are displayed on a screen that is connected to the PIG via a flexible and waterproof line.

In either case, these cameras are used to pinpoint the exact location of problems in your drain lines and pipes, as well as the source of those problems.

Find the Best Fix

Now that you understand how drain line camera inspection works, you can feel more confident in contacting professionals to repair any problems you may be experiencing with your pipes and drain lines. If you are from Melbourne definitely visit the – CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne


What is a Drain Line Inspection Camera?

A drain line inspection camera supports a plumber in visualizing pipes and identifying any problems or damage. Basically, plumber will use a small camera and snake it down the drain to see what is going on behind the scenes.

What Do They Do?

The drain inspection camera has the appearance of a long snake. Plumber can navigate the twists and turns of pipes or drains by using the camera at the end of the device. These inspections are necessary so that plumbers can identify, locate, and diagnose internal plumbing problems.

What Is the Process of an Inspection?

First, plumber will need to evaluate home’s plumbing system and the extent of the problems people are experiencing. Based on the extent of the damage, plumber may need to feed the camera through multiple drains and pipes throughout the house. This will assist the plumber in locating and identifying areas of damage. Depending on the extent of the damage discovered during the drain inspection,  plumber may be able to clear the blockage with a drain cleaning machine.

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