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How Do I Receive ICP ACC Training?


Although it has been discovered that Agile approaches can be easily applied to small teams, the majority of firms today work across collaborative teams, complex systems, and geographical locations.  Agile must be implemented throughout the organization to reap the benefits of a quicker delivery, better quality products, and prompt customer service. A lack of sufficient structure and processes makes Agile transformation on such a big scale vulnerable to failure, which prevents Agile implementations from having the desired impact.

With the help of the ICP ACC training, improve your team’s software development procedures. Any organization’s internal change needs to be enabled and facilitated by a certified Agile coach. They primarily concentrate on various organizational levels and empower them to find their own solutions. The course’s goal is to equip candidates with the necessary skills to foster a healthy work environment.

Who Requires the Services of an Agile Coach?

Agile teams are expected to be self-organized, work closely with their clients, adapt well to change, create high-quality products, and deliver results. However, it is simpler said than done. Agile teams initially require developing an environment of trust, respect, and shared interests. This is typically where traditional project management that relies on “command and control” falls short. The team requires either a Scrum Master with the necessary coaching abilities or an Agile coach who carries out various Agile roles.

Agile coaches are in high demand as the Indian IT sector gradually recognizes the value and necessity of coaching skills. Agile coaches are supposed to have a special set of skills including self-awareness and management, analyzing mindset, dynamic listening, encouraging, in addition to technical or business experience. After all, coaching is more about developing capability for self-learning and growth than it is about producing results.

Agile teams require a supportive environment to develop. Respect, trust, and a shared interest should be present in such an environment. This raises the need for a Scrum Master who has developed the necessary coaching abilities or an Agile coach who can guide multiple Agile positions. An excellent Agile training program can provide an organization a great head start to integrate Agile methodologies into their current workflow.

  • By conveying a picture of the need for an Agile approach, an Agile coach supports teams to adopt, scale, and prosper on Agile methods.
  • An Agile coach serves as a trainer for a business, making the switch to Agile by providing intensive training and support for the teams.
  • Additionally, an Agile coach serves as a mentor to speed up the adoption of Agile, identify knowledge gaps, and close them by implementing the appropriate set of activities.
  • The additional task of an Agile coach is to ensure ongoing improvement by assessing the organizational advancement brought about by the adoption of Agile.

What Is ICP-ACC Certification?

ICP-ACC course is the next certification you should pursue if you have extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Agile Methods, expertise in its techniques, and promising work history as an Agile practitioner. Your ability to accept additional duties as an Agile coach for more engaging growth and numerous career opportunities may depend on your ICP-ACC course Certification.

The ICP-ACC training course is built with a focus on the responsibilities of an Agile coach. It explains the differences between coaching, consulting, facilitating, and mentoring.

Furthermore, the certification program teaches the critical abilities needed for cooperation and problem-solving within an Agile team. You will be competent in the abilities needed to be an effective Agile coach to improve team performance in an organization by the end of this course.

Candidates for the ICP-ACC training course are trained online by industry experts and seasoned trainers with years of relevant experience. To meet the needs of people with various capacities, the instruction is provided in an interactive classroom setting.

Additionally, the course gives you membership in Agile.

Course Objectives

  • Encourage the learner to adopt an Agile coaching stance, which combines the abilities and values they will need to uphold in their work as Agile coaches.
  • The idea is that as they collaborate with groups and individuals to ensure their success, aspiring Agile coaches should consciously select from their roles (promoting, coaching, and counseling).

What Will You Learn from This Course?

You can become an Agile coach by earning an ICP-ACC training certification, and with the growing need for the adoption of Agile methodology across many organizations, this is a promising career path. After completing the ICP-ACC training course syllabus, you will be proficient in the following skills:

  • Discover the responsibilities of an Agile coach, who instructs corporate teams on the Agile methodology.
  • The capacity to supervise the formation of Agile teams, resulting in successful outcomes for the organization.
  • Agile teaches managers how to create a setting where teams can work together and share knowledge.
  • Get prompt user input while concentrating on quality and ongoing learning.
  • The Agile coach confronts conflict head-on, assesses its gravity, thoughtfully chooses whether or not to intervene, and liberally imparts conflict resolution skills to teams.
  • Learn the complete Scrum coaching arc inside and out.
  • Learn to cooperate and create Scrum teams.
  • Enterprise agility encompasses all organizational divisions, not simply the product and business teams. In a market that is complex and undergoing rapid change, a comprehensive approach is required to get superior business outcomes.

Who Should Attend This Training?

This ICP-ACC course is designed for Agile professionals who want to improve their Agile coaching abilities:

  • Aspiring Agile Trainers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Trainers
  • Project Managers and Delivery Managers
  • Managers of Agile Projects
  • Product Managers

The Benefits of ICP-ACC

To transform the entire team and their work process into Agile, a good Agile coach makes the best use of their abilities to introduce creative ideas to the organization. They are well aware of the capabilities and know how to best utilize them for the Agile team to create a work environment that innovates and values-driven quality outputs.

  • The training provides excellent value to a group of individuals who effectively implement the principles of Agile methodology in the organization. As an Agile coach, to support the Agile team is the driving force behind the success of Lean-Agile organizations.
  • It enables you to implement the method for facilitating an Agile team roadmap, allowing you to monitor the Agile team effectively and efficiently.
  • It provides a wide range of possibilities for engaging advancement as an Agile coach in the software and IT sector.
  • As an Agile coach for the Agile team, you can significantly advance business solutions by bringing agility to the organization through strategic management, governance, execution, and leadership skills.
  • With more than 70% of businesses switching to Agile frameworks, it is obvious that outsourcing your skill will open up a wide range of resources.

Prerequisites for the Training 

The training is open to all the aspiring candidates who want to become successful Agile coaches. While there are no mandatory prerequisites for this training program, participants should have:

  • Agile work experience in a leadership role – Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Agile Project Manager, Product Owner, etc.
  • Solid practical experience and hands-on with at least one Agile framework.

The Process of Certification Evaluation

To become a successful Agile coach within an organization, candidates must pass the ICP-ACC training and certification process, which focuses on a variety of competencies. The certification has lifetime eligibility and does not need to be renewed frequently at extra cost.

Candidates who complete this course receive the internationally recognized ICP-ACC Certified Professional – Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC) title from the ICP Agile certification body.


The need for qualified Agile Coaches is growing as a result of the quickly changing market trends. They are viewed as a potential change agent who can influence an organization’s overall Agile journey. You can start your journey toward becoming an Agile Coach by using the information about how to enroll for an ICP ACC course in this blog.

They see how to implement the foundations of Agile to create a Lean Agile workflow system and Agile team within the organization.  Agile mentors pave the way for the Agile team by drawing up a necessary plan for change. They provide the tools for the easy adaptation of Agile processes in organizations. 

To create a workflow process that supports the Lean-Agile development system, they mentor and guide the Agile team. Coaches give the Agile team a reason to work toward resolving dependencies, removing obstacles, managing conflicts, and initiating good improvements within the workflow system.


1. Who are Agile coaches?

They primarily concentrate on their responsibilities as an Agile team facilitator to give each team the tools necessary to engage each member to achieve predetermined results.

2. Is there a demand for Agile coaches?

Due to the widespread adoption of the Agile Methodology in the software industry, there is a tremendous demand for Agile Coaches in those organizations.

3. How long will this ICP-ACC certificate be valid?

ICP-ACC certification is valid for life. Since a professional Agile coach is the one who issued the certificate, there won’t be any subsequent renewals required.

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