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How do I Connect My HP Printer To Belkin WiFi Range Extender?

The Belkin extender is a dual-band & signal booster wireless extender device. It completely eliminates the dead zone in remote areas of your home. The network range of this range extender thoroughly extends the Wi-Fi range throughout your residence. The dual-band network of this range extender absolutely enhances the network range. Moreover, the Belkin WiFi range extender works with all networking devices. You can simply & effortlessly amplify the wireless range of your editing router or gateway. The G & N technology is completely compatible with this extender. Additionally, it is a perfect & superior solution for better Wi-Fi coverage. The Belkin extender adds up to 5,000 sq. ft. of WiFi coverage to banish dead spots throughout the house.

Furthermore, the Belkin wireless extender comes along with a signal amplifier as well as internal antennas that help to extend the wireless coverage. The smart indicator LED light is built-in on the front of the extender. This range extender is very compact that helps easy placement throughout your home. This range extender works with all router models & other devices. To enhance the wireless range of your standard router, you need to perform the setup.

What is the need to connect the extender to the Belkin WiFi Range Extender?

Today’s latest technology printers have WiFi network connectivity features. This feature is in the printer so that you can print your essential documents remotely. If your printer securely connects to the WiFi network, then you can effortlessly print the documents around your home. If you have installed an extender device and want to print documents remotely, you will need to connect the printer to the extender’s networks.

To remotely print the documents with the HP printer, the network connectivity. The Belkin range extender completely supports all devices & the Ethernet port is here. Then, with these ports, you can simply establish the connection. Along with, from ac1200 belkin you can simply configure the range extender. After configuring the setting, the wireless range is entirely amplified. 

Connect My HP Printer To Belkin WiFi Range Extender

If you wish to connect the HP printer to the range extender then firstly you have to select the position. Because if you decide incorrectly then the connection does not establish. 

Position of the HP printer:

To establish the connection, you have to decide the wireless HP printer position. The printer position is too close to the range extender. If you place the printer near the extender. Then you can make the connection in just a minute. Moreover, you also verify the position. Because sometimes, you have to select an incorrect position like selecting the position near the heating source. If you place your extender and printer device near a heating device or direct sunlight then it will not work.

Then, the printer & range extender optimum & best position is near the cool area. Besides, ensure this area is not dirty. 

Using Ethernet cable:

After deciding the location of your printer as well as the range extender, you have to use an Ethernet cable. With the Ethernet cable, you can simply establish the connection. Ensure the Ethernet port in your computer & range extender. If this power is dirty then, you need to clean these ports in the proper manner. 

Now, you have to plug the Ethernet cable from one end into the LAN port of the extender, & the other end into the computer’s LAN port. Then, switch ON the power by using the power button & verifying the connection. 

Have an issue with the printer & Belkin WiFi Range Extender connection? Here are some solutions

Many times, the issue is caused during the extender & printer connection by using belkin range. With this issue, you are not able to connect your printer to the extender’s network. You can easily & effortlessly resolve this connection issue in an instant manner. 

To resolve the network connection, you need to verify the location of your printer. Because the printer position is far from the range extender then your printer is not able to connect to the extender’s network. You always place your HP printer around your extender. With this position, the HP printer easily & thoroughly connects to the extender network. 

You always ensure the firmware version of your range extender is updated. If you are using a range extender with an outdated version, then your printer device does not connect to the extender. To resolve the connection issue, you need to upgrade the Belkin extender’s firmware. 

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