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How do #Hashtags work for Social Media Marketing?

Social media is tricky. Old people do not consider it for themselves because they cannot understand the algorithm of how is this working. There are a lot of new things to learn about social media every day. Like who thought hashtags will be used for social media marketing in the future, to be honest, I used to see these hashtags but did not know what they were used for until my 18-year-old sister me. Can you believe it? Of course, this generation is born with technology.

What is this hashtag?

The hashtag is a symbol (#) that we used to put before numbers back then and still. Now it is used to label the keywords on social media for marketing purposes. People put hashtags before every word and without any space in those words or statements to highlight them. Through those highlighted keywords those specific posts are easily discoverable on pages.

Bloggers, influencers, and other people as well use hashtags overloaded on different social media platforms, and their posts indeed get noticed on discovery pages. But it is not that straight, you still have to be smart about using those words which are in the interest of your targeted audience, using words that do not relate to your posts will lead you nowhere. Bloggers also use trendy keywords despite the fact that they relate, just to get noticed.

Reasons why we use #hashatgs

  • Easier to find posts with hashtags.
  • Engage audience for a long time when they find page or posts or their interest.
  • Easy to target specific people of interest for brands and influencers.
  • A unique hashtag can go viral very easily and make you famous overnight.

Know your hashtags first!

In the case of social media marketing strategy, a wrong hashtag can ruin your brand with negative marketing instead of positive. While social media can make you famous overnight, it can also take your brand down by the storm. You have to do your research first for your brand name as we do for SEO services for your effective social media marketing.

People also make statements through a good hashtag which brings their brand to the top. In past, only Twitter was used for hashtags now people are targeting Facebook. Pinterest and mostly Instagram. With good powerful keywords for using for a hashtag you can make it trending and go viral, this is how powerful social media marketing is you just have to be clever enough.

Jump on trends!!!!

There are tons of new trends in the market on daily basis everything goes viral every day. The trick is to simply pick anything relatable or make it. Use those trends in your hashtags to get noticed. You can either wait for any relatable hashtag going viral or you can use any trending one.

E.g., these days the Netflix series name ‘Squid games’ is trending all over the world. People are using them in hashtags making memes as well. And then there comes Broadway Pakistan, they took the opportunity and made that trend about them by using this trend for their social media marketing strategy.

Join trendy conversations

like joining trends, you can also join the trendy conversation which also involves hashtags. This happens mostly on Twitter. Many international celebrities and brands join the same conversation and share their thoughts. If your shared thoughts are sarcastic, funny, informational, or emotional you are tending to get viral easily through memes or—twit.

For instance; conversations on Twitter about the world cup, support or raising a voice for a good cause, newly introduced cars, or any scandals get many re-twits with million people using the same hashtag. And if your brand is relatable to the trending topic, Voila! You are lucky.

Contribute to raising awareness about different topics

Many organizations or brands take part in NPO- non-profit organizations. They also take a special stand in helping and educating people through social media. However, this is also a strategy of marketing and social media marketing. This way you will have a positive impact on people and you will get noticed as well.

You can raise your voice against certain popular topics like a domestic violation, animal cruelty, rights of the transgender community, show your interest in politics, and that you care about the public. There are tons of trending topics daily you just need to be in action every second.

Keep it simple and unique!

If you are thinking of loading your posts with every trending hashtag then your post will look childish to everyone and your posts will get less noticed by some people. Using hashtags from long sentences is also not right, research your market come up it a single word or maybe two to use with #.

Try creating your own generic words, firms hire creative content writers to introduce new and worth viral material.


Without a doubt, hashtags are the most effective tool you can employ to promote your brand on social media. It’s an excellent method to reach new audiences, raise brand recognition, and improve engagement. Though you want to win the marketing game, you need to include #hashtagging into your social media marketing plan regularly.

Social media marketing is continuously developing, with new features appearing regularly. Keep an eye on the newest social media marketing trends if you want to stay ahead of your rivals.

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