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How can you Have a Healthy Lifestyle Without Dietary Restrictions


Do you have dietary restrictions? Does it feel like you can’t live your best life because of it? I know the feeling. For most of my life, I suffered from crippling stomach pain and bloating that would make every day unbearable. Often, I would spend a good part of my days curled up in bed clutching my stomach as the pain slowly seeped out until late at night when it would subside. Now, things are different. With a few key adjustments to my diet and lifestyle, I’m able to live well without having those limitations on what I can eat or drink. It’s an easy way to avoid the unknown world of food and the potential dangers of eating a varied diet full of fresh produce, whole grains, and natural sugars. And while there are good reasons for avoid eating carbs , the keto trend has caused confusion and fear within many circles bringing about all sorts of new health concerns that aren’t necessarily true or justified.

So here are a few tips for anyone who wants to live better without cuts offs:

1) Know what your ideal dietary restrictions are:

While this may sound like a very simple step, it’s something most people fail to do. The best way to create easy healthy dinner ideas and eating habits is to be as specific and know your restrictions as possible. For me, I’m a typical American and while I’m not sure if that’s any indication of anything, the majority of people in my country consume a diet high in carbs most days of the week with some dairy, sugar and oil thrown in for good measure. For me, that means 80%+ carbs, with 20% (mostly protein) sources from dairy/eggs and no sugar or oil at all.

2) Find substitutes for your favorite foods

The biggest struggle I had when I was first starting out from a restrictive diet was creating recipes that went beyond the scope of my restrictions. Often, this meant eating substitutes or making old recipes even better with healthier choices that were still delicious. These days, I rarely have to do it because I’ve been able to make a few easy substitutions that make it easy to enjoy my favorite foods. For example, I use flax seed instead of eggs in baking and avocado instead of cheese in grilled sandwiches. With a few key substitutions, you can find some of your favorite meals and snacks are made even healthier.

3) Take charge of your life

This may come across as a cliche, but it’s true. The only way to survive and thrive in our modern world is to have control. Control over what you eat, what you do and how you spend your time. If you think about it, the only reason we don’t live in a utopia already is because most people choose to follow an unhealthy lifestyle as they are not aware of the easy healthy dinner ideas. At the end of the day, we’re not machines and if we take control of our lives, we can create the world that fits our needs.

4) Keep it simple

This is one of my favorite tips and it applies both at the grocery store, while cooking in the kitchen, and while living your day-to-day life. Keep the menu simple, frequent small meals rather than large meals and keep portions small. When you don’t eat meaningless meals, you can simplify your life by keeping food simple.

5) Get some sunshine

The sun has been shown to encourage many positive hormonal reactions in our bodies that help regulate digestion and digestive health. In addition, getting out in the sunlight can help boost energy levels and improve your mood. The best thing about it is that it’s free! Simply sitting outside for a few minutes can bring about a positive change in how you feel.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes with easy healthy dinner ideas without dietary restrictions. From finding substitutes for foods and knowing what your restrictions are to taking control of your life, there’s nothing that is too complicated to understand or apply. And if you’re ready to take control of this area in your life and are ready to start making healthier choices.

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