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How can Guest Blogging improve your ranking in search engines?

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is when you write articles for another company related to your niche. For example, if you sell perfumes, a guest blogger will write perfume-related articles on his blog and other blogs under him to promote your business. The promotion can be direct or indirect, depending on a person’s marketing strategy. We’ll discuss these guest blogging types later in the post. We’ll also talk about why people do guest blogging and how it can be helpful for your business.

However, if you want to improve your website ranking on search engines and get more traffic, we recommend hiring a guest blog writing expert.

Why Should We do Guest Blogging?

Nowadays, every other business does guest blogging. It is very effective for website SEO. We count guest blogging as off-page SEO. Guest blogging helps increase the DA (Domain Authority), and that’s one factor of good SEO and better SERP ranking. It tells search engine algorithms that your website is high quality as big websites have provided links to your website in their posts. However, it is not easy to get links from established high DA websites. Unless your content is exceptional, you cannot have it. Moreover, you can never be successful on the internet if your content is not good. Even if your website gets ranked high, people will not visit it after knowing and identifying it for posting filler content.

Requirements for Guest Posting

Post good quality content on your website, and you can increase the chances of getting links from big websites like Forbes, Medium, etc. However, some people do guest blogging another way too. Guest blogging is a vast field. There are different ways to do it.

How to do Guest Blogging?

Making Different Guest Blog Website

You can make another blog and use it for guest post writing. However, it will be very tedious since you would be the only person working on two websites simultaneously and daily producing content for them.

Websites that Allows Guest Posting

Another way to guest blogging is by finding websites that allow you to post articles on them. You can also find blogs that pay for guest posts. However, ensure that such websites allow guest blogging or not. It means you need to ask them if you can promote your main website through guest post writing o your website. However, there are websites as well that are made for guest article writing. You can choose these websites as well. Thus, you can use these websites as they allow you to submit a guest post free for them. Also, do not pay for backlinks to anyone as Google doesn’t allow it.

To better understand guest post writing and stuff, let’s create a scenario first. We have a perfume website that we want to promote. We can choose multiple ways to promote it by guest blogging.

Firstly, we will write an excellent proposal for big websites telling them about our services and proving it to them. It requires exceptional copywriting skills. We recommend hiring an expert to do this job for you. You need to approach the right way to the websites with the same industry as yours. If you successfully convince big websites to provide a backlink, you’ve done it. It will also build a good business relationship between you and the other company.

Some Important Tips

Moreover, you can also seek backlinks from established websites that are general–they talk about different topics, for example, lifehacks, medium, or magazines like Forbes and Reader’s Digest. You can try reaching out to everyone. However, don’t pitch to them randomly. Make sure you relate them to your industry if you aren’t reaching out to general websites. As the famous saying goes: Your first impression is the last impression. Therefore, you need to write a proposal that can grab their attention. Consequently, we have recommended hiring a copywriter.

However, if you want to choose another way to guest blogging, we will tell you about these websites that allow guest posting in 2022. We’ll discuss these websites below.

Firstly, know that you can request any website for guest post publishing. If you run a motivational blog, you can search for other people in your industry and request them for a backlink. The same goes for every niche. However, with the advent of technology, we have made websites specifically for guest posting, such as Copyblogger, CMO, etc. Secondly, before sending a proposal to any website. You can do it quickly. Many websites let you know the domain authority of other websites on the internet. You visit the website, copy its URL and paste it on the website that checks domain authority. It will tell you how a number.

Do this before you send a proposal to any website

According to experts, a domain authority ranges from 50 to 60 and can be called good. If a website has 90 plus domain authority, they are the best. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Forbes, and Medium have such high DAs. However, not-so-popular websites can achieve high domain authority. They can get it too. Many websites are old and have good DA, but you might not know about them. Submit your guest post to only those websites that have high DA. Otherwise, it won’t be beneficial.

So, link to high DA and relevant websites. Guest post writing is as simple as that. But the road to reach this point can be difficult.

Moreover, the guest posts you write need to be in the same industry, but not the same post on your website. It might confuse you, but it is simple. Once you get into the field, you will understand it. You can create multiple topic titles on a keyword. You can brainstorm and come up with ideas for guest posts easily. It is as important as writing a guest blog post. That’s pretty easy to do so. However, you can hire a guest blogger to do the job for you in the beginning.

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