Healthcare Companies Push To Meet Market Expectations

The healthcare industry is one of the industries that has attracted the attention of outsourcing experts and IT companies. Due to the increasing attention that the healthcare industry is receiving, mainly because of its positioning in the market and the recent news indicating that it can further increase a company’s revenue, more and more companies are interested in going deeper into this industry.
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Healthcare Company

Business expansions are also taking place today, and the type of companies expanding into healthcare is no longer limited to IT companies. Affiliated Computer Services, a Xerox (NYSE:XRX) company, has expanded its My Medicare Advocate Network to help retirees enroll and manage their medical benefits. The My Medicare Advocate Network is being implemented with the support of Humana Inc (NYSE:HUM) and WellPoint Inc (NYSE:WLP).

This partnership should be able to meet the health insurance needs of participants who have joined the network. Affiliated Computer Services announced that as part of this expansion, they are also partnering with two other companies, DestinationRx, Inc. and Connextions Inc. to further enhance their customer service. These four companies that have partnered with Affiliated Computer Services are either in the healthcare industry or provide support to the healthcare industry.

Connextions Inc, which provides call center support to retirees, primarily for transactions related to their health insurance, said last month that it will increase its workforce by 1,200 employees. Such an increase in staff only suggests that the company’s customer portfolio is also growing and that demand for its solutions, which revolve primarily, if not exclusively, around healthcare, is also increasing.

Even the medical billing companies that come under the umbrella of healthcare outsourcing are enjoying the attention that businesses are giving to this particular outsourcing industry. Medical billing companies are innovating in their service and product offerings to gain a competitive edge. MedData, a provider of medical billing services, recently announced a new service offering that provides its customers and patients with access to their medical billing records. The new portal MedData has built will also allow customers to connect with a medical billing agent. Customer engagement is important to ensure a clear line of communication between customers and patients and the company, and to ensure that concerns and questions are addressed.

HCA (NYSE:HCA), another healthcare services provider, also made an announcement about its new business solutions that will offer a wide range of business services to its customers. The Tennessee-based company’s new business unit is expected to offer administrative functions and health information management. The expansion of business service offerings will allow service providers to capture the evolving nature of the industry.

There is no denying that the healthcare industry is evolving, which is why companies operating in the industry are also being pushed to meet the demands of the market and their customers.

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