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Hair Transplant Birmingham Cost: Know the types 

When hair transplantation is concerned, there are two methods. The first type is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) also referred as ‘Strip Surgery’. The other type is FUE or (Follicular Unit Extraction). The major difference noticed among them is the method used to extract transplanted hair. Both are considered to be complimentary HT forms and not competing techniques.


Refined surgical technique saw gradual popularity during the is presently referred to as FUT or Follicular-unit hair transplantation. However, it is a labour-intensive exacting procedure occurring in 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair ‘follicular unit groupings’ where they naturally grow. It was Rassman and Bernstein publication that in 1995 had proposed follicular units. Dr. Bobby Limmer during the late 1980s had introduced binocular microscope, thus ensuring FUT procedure success.

Dr. Limmer’s findings

His experiments showed that using this microscope for evaluating donor tissue allowed successful isolation and trimming of follicular units naturally to individual grafts. This process is regarded to be highly effective among all other hair restoration procedures. The surgeon during this procedure, transplants hair onto affected regions from the scalp’s back part in the permanent zone. Earlier Hair Transplant Birmingham Cost was a bit high.


This is an economical procedure concerning number of grafts and is best adopted to cover a large area. In case you worry about scarring and would like to avoid strip surgery, then you may avail FUE method. However, both methods are known to leave behind scars on the affected region.

Side effects

FUE is likely to leave behind a few tiny unpigmented dots across the head’s back part. On the other hand, FUT leaves behind a narrow line on the head across its back. The difference noted here is FUE scars being less concentrated are tough to detect even if hair is very short. But FUE procedure is termed to be harsh upon the grafts when compared to FUT procedure.

Cost involved

Qualified surgeons perform FUT surgeries across the globe. However, only a few specialists are known to offer FUE procedure. FUE Hair Transplant Manchester Cost is based on per graft. It also depends on the Norwood Scale level! This scale is used for measuring male pattern baldness progression and is a costly procedure. Doing some research will give you ample knowledge about the rates charged for FUT and FUE procedures.

Quality results

Remember not all surgeons are the same or have similar experience or exposure. Hence, you should not rush with availing the procedure from the first clinic you come across. Rather, you need to undertake adequate research to ensure making the right selection. Only then can you derive the best results as desired.

No compromise!

You should not compromise on the quality aspect for lower price. Find out the surgeon’s past records, number of clients having successfully got the procedure and the rates involved. Discussing with the professional will also let you know whether they are cooperative, friendly and result-oriented or not. Whatever be the type of procedure you choose to undergo, make sure it is safe and you are eligible for it.  The right choice made will leave you a happy, satisfied person.

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