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How do you find good training for NLP practitioners?

I’ve been asked this question for years, and here’s how I see it. Good is always subjective, and what is a good coach for one person may be a bad coach for another. A good coach for one coach can be a bad coach for another. To define “good” in this example, ask yourself: “What do I want from this training and is this trainer capable of doing it? That way you can establish the outcome and check with the trainer or training organization first.

Many NLP training courses seem to focus on specific strategies from the NLP Practitioner Certification Training toolkit and don’t take the time to deeply understand the modeling process. The key here is how you perceive the information. This sounds good because you can devote a week to training and do it. However, for this training to be really useful, you certainly need a strategy that will automatically persuade you. Feedback from other persuasive strategies suggests that this is not optimal for them, so you should think about what you need before you are confident in your knowledge.

Also, what are you here for?

Personal development, for which NLP is a great therapeutic tool. Business development – as a communication and persuasion tool. Zero development – perhaps you just want a certificate for your resume.

Being honest with you about the three items above will help solidify the results

Coaches – again subjective, but see if they can make your job easier. A good trainer should be able to take subject knowledge and break it down into accessible fragments for trainees. A good trainer should be able to use a variety of learning styles, taking a very flexible approach to help learners absorb knowledge as much as possible.

A good trainer understands that the learner has the knowledge and just needs to use it to learn what they know and go on a journey of discovery with the learner.

Being a good trainer in one area does not necessarily mean that you are also a good trainer in NLP. That’s because NLP is also a skill set that needs to be developed. A good NLP trainer should be able to demonstrate the entire NLP methodology in practice in NLP practitioner training. In other words, don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

You can find recommendations on Facebook, Twitter, NLP forums, and references. You might be able to watch trailers on YouTube.

As you can see, all training is about how you feel, so make sure you know how you feel before you sign up with someone who you think is a good NLP trainer or has good NLP practitioner training.

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