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Free Remote Computer Access Software You Can Use

At times there are certain issues raised for IT professionals to fix them out quickly. Network admins need to sort out the problems by going into the root. But it’s required to do it without interrupting other people’s work. It can be a bit tricky because being an IT professional, you need to access different aspects. You need to identify the issues before the probability that they may create issues across your network. To make this happen without interrupting the work of others, you can use remote computer access software. You can have different options that are free and commercial. With such type of software, it becomes easy to have an access to another computer from your own system remotely. You can do it even from a mobile device too.

With the help of remote computer access software, you can help to solve different tech based issues that are faced by the end users. There is no need to ask for their system to fix the issue. All you have to do is getting a software that allows you to work in the background. This software is an amazing facility to control your work. You can remotely manage your computer as well as network resources in your company without having a need to go. In case, if the branch office is in another state or country, you can still manage the work quite easily. Here at WebSofts, we will discuss some of the top remote access software to use.

Chrome Remote Desktop:

In order to have free remote desktop connections for sorting out the issues, this is an authentic source. Although Chrome Remote Desktop is from the basic offerings for free processing, but it has efficient features to deal with. There is only one need that the computer of host as well as the computer of client must have chrome in it. An extension makes the working of this option. You are the client and the person whose computer you want to access is the host. With this software, you can give yourself access to the host. It happens by creating a PIN that is unique. It becomes possible to take control of the host. In order to take control, there is need to log in into chrome on the client side for smoothing functioning and further process.

You can have an access to the host even if there is a situation in which Chrome is not running. Even if they are not logged into their account, still you can access to the host. However, when such situation occurs, there are limited options of functionality. There will not be an availability of the chat options when you need to communicate. When you want to discuss something with the person on the other hand, you will face hindrance. At that moment, there is not the facility of file sharing by the platform. So, we can say that Chrome Remote Desktop is an entry-level choice.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, RemotePC has some extra features to provide more ease in remote computer access. As you can have file sharing as well as the options for chat. Both of these are important elements if you are working remotely. If you and the other person are far away when you are trying to sort out the issues, this feature is beneficial at a large extent. Furthermore, you also have the option to use mobile devices in order to access a computer. That’s how, there is no such restriction that you can have the access of other computer merely being a laptop or desktop host. Instead, you can do it on mobile devices too.

This way, it makes the work easier. This is because most of the people find it convenient to use mobile devices anywhere. It is easy for them to work remotely without the need of laptop or desktop. As everything has its negative and positive aspects, this software has a pitfall too. In this, the biggest restriction is that at once you can store the information just for one connection. It goes this way until and unless you get the benefit of their freemium options. It means that you will be able to get only an access ID. Furthermore, you can give key paired only for one connection. You can have the access of several hosts as per your requirement, but you cannot be able to store the information.


For running UltraVNC, you need two different PCS on which you can install a viewer and a server. Server and viewer are installed on different computers. Server will be installed on the system that you want to connect to. And you will install the viewer on that computer that you will use as controller. It makes the connections easily. When you will install the server as a system service, you will find ease in it as it will run forever. This way, it becomes easy for you to make the connection in an easier way. So far, you can use this remote computer access software to control a computer remotely. When you and the other person whose system you want to have an access to, are at distance, you can get benefit through it.

On the other hand, this remote computer access software has its drawbacks too. If you consider the potential obstacle, there will be a need for change. Which type of change you will require to have? Well, you will have to change the setting of your router when you will be using this software. Especially, you need to do it in case of port forwarding. This remote computer access software supports the sharing of files as well as their transfer. It also supports the chatting between both systems: the viewer and the server. Another drawback is that the download page is not so sophisticated as compared to the other options.


Being an IT professional, there come the times when you need to work remotely when it is required to handle someone’s system. Then, you need some efficient and free remote computer access software to make things smooth for you. Above mentioned software can help you to make the connection between host and client’s system easily.

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