Couldn’t Refresh Feed”

7 Solutions For “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error On Instagram

Instagram is an online social media platform where users can upload pictures, post videos, make reels and type comments. 

Online platforms are today’s world’s most convenient source of communication to stay in touch with friends and families and can even share the same interests by tagging them or by sharing fascinating reels with them.

Users can create their own private or business accounts. Instagram is playing an important role when it comes to gaining publicity or advertising products & services creatively and delightfully. A slow internet connection or any issue on the account can affect the work. 

Instagram works great, but at times, users may get this ‘Instagram Refresh Feed Issue’ message where users couldn’t refresh the feed. Instagram users may get this error message randomly. 

How To Fix Instagram Refresh Feed Issue?

The steps given here are the best suitable remedies for the concerned issue.

1. Exit and re-open the Instagram App:

When Instagram can’t refresh the feed and when the user receives the message, then it’s useful to exit the application & open the app again after a few minutes. After entering the app, check whether Instagram can refresh the feed.

This option also works fine with the problem ‘Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error’ if Instagram has an internal Instagram app problem and it gets feeds from there.

2. Fix Network Issues

Whenever any technical issue occurs it is advisable to check the Internet & network connections. Therefore, switch off and then switch on the mobile data or wifi network.

3. Restart your phone

Switching off & then on the phone is also the best method to fix technical issues or errors and then try logging in to the Instagram account.

4. Update or Reinstall Instagram App

Sometimes apps require updating. Users can update the app or reinstall it from the google play store.

5. Clear cache and data

Go to Settings- Applications-Instagram-clear the app cache and then check if the Instagram shows ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ error again or not.

6. Delete Inappropriate Post or Comment

When the user has an inappropriate post, photos, or comments on the account. It’s reasonable to log in to the Instagram account on a computer to check if anything is wrong or not. If there is something wrong with the account, it needs to be deleted to make the account works smoothly.

Instagram will send messages about inappropriate content when signing in via a browser. 

7. Report the problem to Instagram

Go to the setting of the app and click on ‘Report a problem’ and go to ‘Something isn’t working’ and describe the problem or browse on Google chrome to open the Instagram help page and search for the particular problem among all problems and follow the instructions given on the page.

These are some methods that users can try, in case they get the error of ‘Couldn’t refresh feed’ in the Instagram app. Every problem has a different solution, no one remedy can be applied to all issues. Try the above-suggested solutions, any one of them can work for a certain issue.

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