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Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine: Why Your Company Should Have It

For companies with employees on rotating shifts or are constrained by Union agreements, the machine eliminates any worries about missed records due to changes in work hours. It also can sense multiple fingerprints with ease.

Benefits of the Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

  • Increase accuracy of payroll: The machine makes sure your payroll is accurate. There is no need to wait for employees to arrive at work with time cards since this machine stores the data in the system the moment it happens. Furthermore, employees are happy with this machine because they can utilize their fingerprints for most of their daily activities, saving money on printing time cards.
  • Increase productivity: This machine is also helpful in increasing productivity by monitoring attendance in different departments. With its mobile device app that lists all employees working inside the company, employees can easily clock in and out. It does not allow avoiding or escaping any time from the workplace which increases efficiency and efficiency. 
  • Decrease burden on payroll department: With this machine, counting employees time has been taken out. Instead, all you do is place your finger on the fingerprint scanner and let the system scan and store your fingerprint.
  • Increases accuracy: The Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine does not need any software to function; it can record attendance with precision within milliseconds. This means there are no worries about payroll errors or unnecessary overtime payments.
  • Cost-effective solution : Since this machine needs only one fingerprint for entry, it is also very cost-effective compared to more complex payroll systems requiring at least two fingerprints
  • Biometrics prevent buddy punching: While time attendance machines may seem the perfect way to discourage buddy punching, this is not true.  Biometrics prevent buddy punching by eliminating the need for employees to clock in or out physically. 
  • Integrates with other systems: Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine can integrate with other systems in your company, such as human resource management and payroll systems. In addition, it does not require any software for it to function, which makes it easier to install and use. It is also congenial with most mobile devices such as smartphones and desktop computers.
  • Ease of use: This machine can be used right out of the box. All you ought to do is place your finger on the scanner and let it record your fingerprint. It can also work with other systems in your company, so there are no setup costs! This machine will help keep your company running smoothly, improve attendance, save money on printing time cards, increase productivity. It reduces the burden on the payroll department and increase accuracy.
  • Employee accountability is improved: Employee accountability is improved with the Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine. With the system, you can track attendance by movement. Late arrivals of the employees are recorded and marked by the machines. It helps in determining the efficiency of the employers. Less paperwork: This machine also reduces paperwork as it can easily record multiple fingerprints. In addition, no software installation is required – there are no setup costs associated with this machine – place your finger on the scanner, and it will record your fingerprint!


If you are looking for an effective way of monitoring the attendance of your employees, then it’s time to consider getting this machine. This innovative technology is one of the most effective ways of keeping track of who’s in and out of work.

The machine not only saves you money on paper but also works with most smartphones. It stores time data accurately within milliseconds, so there are no concerns over payroll errors or unnecessary overtime payments. 

For companies that have employees on rotating shifts or are constrained by Union agreements, the Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine eliminates any worries about missed records due to changes in work hours. It also can sense multiple fingerprints with ease.

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