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Features of Razer Ultimate Driving Simulator

If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your car simulation experience, you may want to consider purchasing a new product called the Razer Ultimate Driving Simulator. This piece of hardware was designed by Razer specifically with racing games in mind, and it can rival the expensive cars and simulators found at many automotive dealerships. The following information will detail some of the unique features of this product.

1. Full Throttle Engine

The Razor Ultimate Driving Simulator comes with a full-throttle engine to give users the feeling that they are actually driving through a race track. When used with an Xbox 360 controller, this system can act as an input device for any racing experience available on the console. However, it is best used with the latest version of Project Gotham Racing 3 or Burnout Paradise, as they both have rear-wheel drive scenarios.

2. Brake-based Steering

This device works by using force feedback technology, which is an advanced software program that mimics real-life driving scenarios. Instead of a traditional steering wheel, this piece of hardware has two pedals and two triggers located on either side of the driver seat. By stepping on the gas and slamming on the brakes, it is possible to turn the car in different directions.

3. Modular Design

It is designed to be used on a variety of different gaming platforms, including systems running the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In order to achieve this flexibility, the controller comes with four interchangeable pods that are installed into the base of the gamepad. When switching out these pods, users will be able to choose from a variety of different configurations. This means that users can play whatever type of game they want with no additional hardware required.

4. Universal Compatibility

It is possible to hook it up to any type of standard gaming console. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 support this device, but they can also be used as a keyboard and mouse system for everyday computing tasks. To use this gamepad on a PC, users just need to plug it into the USB port and then choose the option for X360 controller emulation. This will allow for a seamless transition between gaming and everyday desktop use.

5. In-Game User Interface

The Ultimate Driving Simulator has been designed so that it will work with any of the latest gaming platforms. However, this also means that it must be easy to configure for each individual title. As a result, this product comes with an options menu that can be used to change custom settings. Instead of using a traditional controller menu, users will have access to a special submenu that allows them to fine-tune their car simulation experience.

6. Minimum Space Requirements

This is a device that was designed to meet the demands of high-end gamers, but it can be used in any type of location. The top section of this controller also contains a small wheel that acts as throttle and a gaming wheel. It can easily be placed on top of existing computer monitors, and the entire system only requires 15 inches of space to operate correctly. This gives users plenty of room for other accessories and gaming gear.


If you are someone who loves racing games and cars, then the Ultimate Driving Simulator may be right for you. This gamepad can be used with standard gaming consoles, can be configured with interchangeable pods, and allows users to fine-tune their gameplay settings with a menu system. It may not have the best graphics or a collection of high-end racing games, but it is still an affordable option for people who are looking for an immersive experience.

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