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Exploring Yoga Teaching Methodologies – Learn It In Bali

If you are someone looking for a holistic way to relive, then this for you. Some yoga enthusiasts today, are also changing their flourishing careers midway for the love of yoga. If you are one of them, then you are exactly where you should be. Take the opportunity to explore the top Yoga School in Bali, today and change yours and others perspectives on yoga. 

Before you decide on a school to start your yoga journey from, it is imperative for you to know which the best is. Knowing about the yoga teaching principles, prior to joining a school will help you in several ways. But, firstly, you will be able to segregate the bad ones from the good ones. 

Importance Of Yoga Teaching Methodology 

The relationship between the Guru and the students assume utmost importance in this realm. And, it has been coming down from generations. The Gurukuls from the ancient times are abodes of learning, knowledge sharing, and discipline. Moreover, the teacher or Guru’s profession is looked up to. Teachers are not born most of the time, but one can learn the skills to become a teacher. 

A good teaching methodology can change the very meaning of the profession. Yoga is much beyond physical poses, breathing techniques, mudra, bandha, and Kriyas. And, you will learn about the ones that you do not know about in the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. When you join the course, you will be able to learn about the above topics and more. Experience is something, which books cannot help with. When you move around for a month or so with trained and experienced yogis, you change for the better. Your teaching skills improve and so does your life skills 

Let us jot down the importance of teaching methodology of yoga today.

  • Firstly, it is the stepping stone for your successful yoga teaching career. A good teaching methodology which you learn at one of the most renowned schools in Bali, will be a life-changing experience. After you successfully graduate, you already know the procedures and techniques involved in teaching yoga to others. The first step as a good teacher, is to be able to observe others, without reacting. While going through your paces, as a part of the training in Bali, you will be able to assist the teachers and their students, as volunteers. There you will learn how to use props, correct alignments, modify the poses, according to the body type of the students and more. This way, you will have some experience of handling classes independently. 
  • When teaching yoga, you must avoid terms like stretch and modify. It can have the wrong connotations. When you use the term ‘modify’, students take it upon themselves to prove in front of you, that they can do any pose, even if they have body limitations. This can be very bad for your student’s health. And, when you use the term ‘stretch’, they think that what they were doing until then held no value. It is important as a teacher, to make the students understand, that everybody is different. You would never want your students to leave classes with injuries, will you? Instead of using the above terms, you can use words like ‘relax’. The yoga school in the beautiful location has the right discipline towards yoga learners, so you should abide by the guidelines. Bali Yoga Retreats is one of the most popular retreats in the island region, and known for multi-style yoga and other forms. 
  • As a part of the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, you will be able to understand the role of a yoga teacher. A good yoga teacher is one, who can teach yoga to anybody, irrespective of that person’s health conditions and abilities. In this course, you will be able to explore various forms and styles in Bali, as a learner yourself. The best yoga teacher training at the school helps students become proficient in teaching a wide array of students. 

If you want to pursue yoga teaching as a career, it is important for you to engage in self-practice regularly. You must abide by the yoga philosophy, practice meditation, and Pranayama, and more. 

Teaching Aids In Yoga – Learn At The Yoga School in Bali

While learning about teaching yoga in the beautiful island destination, you will also learn about several teaching aids, that you will have to embrace. Let us find out what they are:

  • Visual Tools – You can show the students photos and videos of poses, alignments, and anatomical structures. These tools help the teacher and the students to interact. Students can also learn more clearly. Visual aids help students in better comprehension. 
  • Verbal Cues and Hands-On Adjustments – You must learn to help your students with gentle corrections, and encourage them throughout the class. This way, students will feel empowered to explore themselves. You can give valuable feedback which must be constructive in nature, as well. Beside the verbal instructions, you must ensure to remind the students to be aware of their breath and forget what is going on elsewhere. Vocal guidance is a transformative experience. 
  • Props and Equipment – You need to let the students know, that using props is not shameful. It will in fact increase their chances of getting better. Props are useful for beginners and intermediates alike. Yoga teachers can provide a safe haven for their students, through the proper usage of props and equipment like yoga straps, bolsters, wheels, mats, and blankets. 
  • Technology – Nowadays, you can also assist students with recorded sessions, should they have doubts after class. It will help them to practice better. Mobile apps, online courses, and pre-recorded video class are on the rise, and you must learn how to handle them as well. 

Final Words

When you join a good school of yoga, life can take a 360-degree turn for you. So, you must checkout the courses at the Yoga School in Bali. It will surely help you to become a good and then a great teacher, if you stick to the principles, while aligning with modern lifestyle patterns. 

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