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Everything You Should Know About Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

The NS 200 is a flagship 200 CC motorcycle from Bajaj Auto that was introduced into the market back in 2012. Since then, it has been a top-selling 200 CC bike, to date! Why is that!? Read on to learn more!

Bajaj introduced the NS 200 way back in 2012. The latest iteration of the bike comes with a price tag of Rs. 1, 54,332* in India. It is offered in a single trim.

The real-world mileage of the bike is 35 KMPL which is pretty impressive for a 200 cc bike. The fuel tank equipped has a total capacity of 12-litres. The dry weight of the bike is 159.5 kg.

Other important things to learn about the NS 200 are as follows – 

In terms of looks

To be honest, the latest iteration of the Pulsar NS 200 looks the same as its predecessor. But hey, it still looks pretty menacing!

The distinctive headlamp unit flanked by twin pilot lamps is pretty different from the other bikes plying on the roads. The fuel tank is muscular and comes with all the right lines and angles. The split tail lamp is pretty sharp and bright.

The available colour options for the bike are matte red, grey, white and blue. All colour options will come with frames and wheels painted in a white hue.

In terms of product packaging

These days, riders prefer bikes with tons of features that, to be honest, one doesn’t need in a motorcycle. The NS 200 is a true performance bike that is meant for enthusiasts. Hence, it doesn’t have gimmicks like turn-by-turn navigation or Bluetooth connectivity.

Instead, the bike is offered with single-channel ABS and a semi-digital instrument cluster. The headlight unit, tail lamp unit and the turn indicators are illuminated with halogen bulbs. The bike’s switchgears are backlit though! 

In terms of ride quality

The overall ergonomics of the bike are that of a proper streetfighter motorcycle. The handlebar is set low and the footrests on the bike are rear set. Hence, the rider will be seated with a mean stance. A sporty stance allows the rider to save themselves from winds at cruising speeds. 

Furthermore, it also reduces air drag thus allowing the biker to hit cruising speeds in no time. If one is thinking that a sporty stance would hurt a rider’s back on long rides then they are wrong. The seats are designed in a manner to keep the rider comfortable. The fuel tank is designed to offer ample support to the inner thighs of the rider. The seat has just the right contours and padding in all the right places. The seat height is adequate and is ideal for tall as well as short riders. 

The pillion seat is spacious and comfortable as well. But on long rides, the pillion rider will need to take periodic breaks. The reason is that the rear monoshock suspension is a bit stiff. The front suspension has adequate suspension travel but it is also on the stiffer side. A stiff suspension setup reduces ride comfort but it makes the bike more stable on corners and at cruising speeds.

In terms of stability, braking and engine performance

Like all Pulsar models, the newest iteration of the NS200 is pretty stable and offers precision control to the rider. One would love it when the bike is pushed onto corners, changing lanes or overtaking traffic.

The current generation of the bike comes with MRF Zapper tyres from the OEM. These tyres are renowned for their impressive grip on dry road conditions. One must remember that on wet roads, the tyres tend to lose a bit of traction. Hence, one must ride responsibly!

In terms of braking performance, the bike comes with a 300 mm disc for the front wheel. The same offers quite a bit of bite when needed. The rear wheel is paired with a 230 mm disc. However, experts think that the rear brake could have offered a bit more bite.

The engine on the NS 200 is a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, BS6-compliant, 199 CC motor. It is equipped with a single overhead camshaft. The camshaft controls 4 valves. The motor is equipped with three spark plugs and an efficient fuel injection system. The motor is machined and engineered to develop 24.13bhp of peak power. The motor’s peak torque output is 18.5Nm.


Despite being a bike that lacks modern features, the Pulsar NS 200 is still a decent bike to own. With an aggressive price and low ownership costs, it makes sense to invest in this bike. It is as simple as that!

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