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Everything You Need to Know About Progesterone Uses

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that affect many physical functions, from the sleep and wake cycle to digestion. Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE (Progesterone) is one of two female hormones and the other is estrogen. Its main function is to regulate menstruation and support the pregnancy of a woman’s body.

What is its function?

Progesterone is produce in the corpus luteum of the ovary. A mammary gland that is produce after an egg is release from the ovaries. Both the adrenal glands and the placenta can produce progesterone. (Also Read Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE)

During the menstrual cycle

Elevated levels of luteinizing hormone during a person’s menstrual cycle can lead to ovulation. Ovulation means that an egg is release from one of the two ovaries. After the egg is release, the corpus luteum is form and progesterone production begins. Progesterone helps prepare the body for pregnancy by stimulating the growth of glands and the formation of new blood vessels. This provides a good environment for fertilized eggs to pass through.

If the egg is not fertilize, the corpus luteum is destroy and progesterone levels are reduce. This decrease causes the endometrium to rupture and the menstrual cycle to begin.

During pregnancy

When the egg is fertilize, the corpus luteum does not decompose and progesterone production continues. This progesterone stimulates blood vessels to supply the endometrium. It also stimulates the endometrium to provide nutrients to the developing fetus. Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE also produces progesterone after the placenta is form. Ultimately, the placenta will be the major producer of progesterone.

Progesterone levels increase during pregnancy. These increase levels prevent the body from producing extra eggs during pregnancy. Finally, progesterone also promotes breastfeeding. Progesterone is also produce in the male adrenal glands. Its function is related to sperm development.

Why are progesterone levels test?

There may be several reasons healthcare providers may want to test progesterone levels.

Some of them:

  • Determine if someone is ovulating
  • Assess the cause of infertility
  • Determine if someone has an abortion or ectopic pregnancy
  • Rating of people at high risk of taking progesterone during pregnancy or during pregnancy
  • Reduce the cause of abnormal cervical bleeding
  • Diagnosis of adrenal abnormalities

What are the normal progesterone levels?

Progesterone levels are measure by a blood test. It is important to note that progesterone levels fluctuate during menstruation. Progesterone levels are measure in nanograms (ng / ml) per milliliter. The graph below shows normal levels of progesterone in adult women at different points during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

Progesterone is find in very low levels in men and is usually not test unless adrenal dysfunction is suspect.  Please note that results may vary from laboratory to laboratory. If you are not sure about the test results, contact your healthcare provider.

What is the effect of high progesterone?

High progesterone levels usually do not cause adverse health effects. High progesterone levels do not adversely affect health. In fact, progesterone is part of oral contraceptives because it can trick the body into preventing ovulation.

  • 2003 Survey
  • Reliable source

 This suggests that progesterone may play a protective role against ovarian cancer.

What is the effect of low progesterone?

Low progesterone levels affect both menstruation and fertility. Progesterone helps to create the right environment for fertilize eggs. Low progesterone levels make it difficult for the fertilize egg to develop and grow. Low levels of progesterone can also contribute to certain conditions, including:

  • Absence of menstruation
  • Miscarriage
  • Decrease ovarian function


Progesterone is an essential hormone for menstruation, pregnancy and sperm production. Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE  is produce in various places such as the corpus luteum, placenta and adrenal glands. Progesterone levels fluctuate throughout the cycle and peak during pregnancy. However, a very low level can lead to health problems such as infertility.

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