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Everything You Need To Know About Penny Tiles

Penny tiles, a traditional choice that initially adorned numerous kitchens and bathrooms in the early 1900s, are related to hexagon tiles. Still, they’re seeing a significant resurgence in the world of modern tiles. Penny round tiles typically measure ¾” in diameter, exactly like a penny! But with time, this size has increased, and penny tiles with a diameter of up to 1″ are now available. Penny tiles come in a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, stone, metal, and even cork, though porcelain is the most common. Glass penny tiles are a fantastic, elegant option for practically any area. Even though they are thickly glazed, they should still be handled carefully because they are prone to cracking and can become hazardous to walk on. Much like glass penny tiles, metal penny tiles are an opulent option that can offer an eye-catching contemporary style that complements practically any space. Now that you have some idea about penny tiles, let’s discuss the benefits of penny tiles and why they are still thought to be a great option. 

Colors and patterns of penny tiles

Penny tiles were initially well-known for their traditional white and black design. They now come in an extensive variety of hues and designs. You can choose any shade and pattern to match your décor style and still make your space look even better; there is no wrong choice. The best ways and spaces to use penny tile that will inspire you include combining different colors in a bold, generic pattern to create an equally amazing look for your room. 

Where to use penny tiles?

Kitchen backsplashes

Although penny tiles aren’t usually the first option for kitchens, you can design patterns that precisely match the style of your kitchen with the help of the wide range of colors and shades available. A penny tile backsplash is a fantastic way to draw attention to your interior design elements. A penny tile backsplash will brighten up any kitchen, even one that is mostly white and plain!

Bathroom tiles

Penny tiles are without a doubt the most adorable bathroom tile when it comes to bathrooms. These tiny tiles look great in traditional or even vintage bathrooms, as well as modern ones. Penny tiles provide a beautiful texture underfoot when used as bathroom flooring. To make a really striking and bold statement, you can even go one step further with your decor and extend your bathroom penny tiles all the way up to the wall. 

Fireplace accent tiles

In any room, a fireplace will inevitably catch people’s attention. Use penny tile on the surrounding area to subtly draw attention to that fireplace. The natural warmth of the wood mantel and the vibrancy of the tile contrast when penny tiles are paired with it. 

Penny column tiles 

Penny tile is overturning the conventional notion of tile, which tends to conjure images of columns. Typically, penny tile is offered in flexible sheets that are ideal for encircling curved surfaces. To ensure that the seam will line up as the start/end point, just remember to calculate the circumference of the column and the size of the tile. Thus, it’s evident that penny tiles are particularly useful—even in the most unconventional settings.

For more information on choosing penny tiles, consult Hyperion Tiles, the expert tile manufacturers and distributors. 

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