Endpoint security’s top 5 benefits

The following benefits can be achieved by your organisation with the right endpoint security solution:

Security management for endpoints in a single location

It is well known that the traditional approach to IT security and Endpoint security consists mainly of siloed point solutions. It has led to a patchwork of solutions that cannot easily communicate or cooperate with one another. Your security is compromised by major gaps you can’t easily identify and patch. Modern enterprise endpoint security solutions should include the ability to manage and secure all endpoints from a central console – no matter their type or location. With end-to-end visibility into all endpoints, security gaps can be found and closed much more easily.

Management of security should be simplified

You can save a great deal of administrative and management time by gaining full control and visibility into all your endpoints. By automating many of the tasks involved in provisioning, registering, managing, updating, and retiring all your endpoints, you can eliminate many manual management and auditing tasks. Managing the devices requires less resources, so your team can focus on activities of higher value.

Resilience of the business

Most organizations will experience a breach at some point. When this occurs, endpoint protection will be ineffective. Endpoint detection and response are essential to business continuity. Attacks need to be identified and you need to be prepared to respond when the worst happens.

Ideally, your endpoint security solution should integrate with digital forensics incident response capabilities so that any affected data can be identified and remedied. In addition, some endpoint security platforms have integrated data backup and recovery solutions, enabling data to be recovered within minutes and restored at a location close to the last instance of the data. By recovering operations quickly, your business can remediate or remove the affected data.           

Make sure your reputation is protected – and your revenue!

Approximately $3.92 million is the average cost of a data breach, according to the Ponemon Institute. However, that pales into insignificance compared to the damage a breach can cause your business or reputation. According to some estimates, 60% of companies fail after experiencing a data breach within six months. According to estimates, an average data breach wipes out over 7% of a company’s share value. It is possible to measure the bottom line and reputational value of effective endpoint security software.

How can OpenText help you secure your endpoints?

The decision of which endpoint security provider to use is crucial. Partnering with a company you can trust to protect your critical data and provide you with an array of endpoint security tools that will allow you to ensure that your endpoints and network are safe, secure, and resilient today and tomorrow.

With a full range of endpoint security solutions, OpenText is a recognized world leader.

Encryption platforms for endpoints

Endpoint protection solutions from OpenText give you the power of Data Protection and Backup from Carbonite, Endpoint Protection from Webroot and Threat Intelligence from Webroot.

System for detecting and responding to endpoint threats

The OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security software provides security teams a comprehensive view for validating, analyzing, and responding quickly and completely to security incidents. The integrated threat intelligence helps you detect threats in real time, and the easy-to-read interface provides the visibility needed for quick detection and action. You can use it to identify and respond to new threats quickly and effectively.

Intelligence about threats

By aggregating information gathered from a variety of sources, such as open-source databases and social media, threat intelligence solutions help other endpoint security tools to learn and monitor for known threats to combat malware and phishing attacks, among others. OpenText Webroot BrightCloud takes proactive protection one step further by offering protection against zero day and other never-before-seen threats.

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