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Drainage Inspection Checklists | Best Company in Australia.

A drain inspection is a methodical process of evaluating drainage systems in order to ensure that wastewater flows smoothly from pipelines to sewage systems. A drain inspection is intended to prevent drainage issues such as pipe cracks, corrosion, frost, and major clogs caused by tree roots, toilet paper buildup, and food waste.

Checklist for Drainage Inspection

A drainage inspection checklist is a tool that trained engineers use to assess drain problems and document the nature of the incident. 

The checklist includes the following items:

  • Provide general information such as pipe length, size, and ownership.
  • Determine the nature of the incident and the impact of the problem.
  • Capture and annotate photographic evidence, as well as attach detailed notes;
  • Document both the action and the outcome of your work.
  • Assign corrective actions for immediate improvement.
  • Make general recommendations.

The Importance of Drain Inspection

Drain inspections are critical in assisting businesses in avoiding potential risks such as leaks, floods, and other public health and safety issues.

Drain inspections performed correctly can:

  • Detect problems early to avoid costly repairs.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of slow water drainage and waste clogs.
  • Reduce the possibility of pipeline and drainage system damage.
  • Improve and publicize environmental safety.

The Most Common Causes of Drainage Blockages

Waste from sanitary facilities

The most common causes of toilet drain blockage are sanitary waste such as hair strands, tissues, and feminine hygiene products.

Industrial wastes 

Industrial wastes are toxic materials generated by manufacturing industries. Unfiltered chemical wastes generated during product processing can clog drainage and sewage systems, causing major environmental pollution.

Waste liquids

Wastewater, sludges, oil, fats, or grease washed down the drain can cling to the pipes and eventually block them, preventing liquid from passing through. Due to their revolting odor, unmanaged liquid wastes have the potential to endanger human health.

Food wastage

Food waste is a global issue and the most common type of waste found in hospitality industries. Throwing dishes directly into kitchen sinks without first separating and filtering food wastes can clog pipelines, causing downtime and delays in business operations.

Plant material

Depending on the weather, root trees, shrubs, dirt, and leaves can clog water drains. Root trees can grow inside water pipes, obstructing water flow and causing pipeline damage. Furthermore, this could result in extensive and costly repairs.

How to Prevent Drainage Blockage

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What do you check in a drainage system?


  • Look for evidence of ponding, channeling, erosion, or any other issue.
  • Look for any accidental spillages, poor water, oils, insects, or odors.
  • Check is any safety or health risk is identified.
  • Inspect for deterioration in the surface.

How do I find out about drainage on my property?


  • The Council may hold your drainage plans. …
  • Ask for drainage plans from the previous owner.
  • Ask your neighbors for drainage.
  • Ask the Professional. 

What is CCTV drain inspection?

Answer:  A CCTV drain survey is a thorough examination of a drainage system. Special CCTV cameras that are inserted into the drains and provide a live feed are used.

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