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What dinosaur has 500 teeth? & Different types of dinosaur?

The Nigersaurus dinosaur goes viral following the Reddit meme that suggests not to search the internet with the question ”what dinosaur has 500 teeth?”. It’s usually on the internet that a simple autosuggestions by Google could cause a strange reaction from the general public. The same is true for that of the Nigersaurus dinosaur. A meme about the creature which lived for 100 million years in the Republic of Nigeria has shattered the internet. It has therefore become the perfect time to find out the details about this creature.

Nigersaurus Meaning

The name Nigersaurus refers to “Niger’s Lizard” or “Niger reptile” It was also among the oldest dinosaurs discovered. Nigersaurus is a 30 feet-long plant-eating dinosaur. It is a genus belonging to Diplodocus, a sauropod like the Diplodocus. This lived in the mid-Cretaceous period, from 120 to 105 million years ago in the Aptian or Albian age.

It was found in the fossil vertebrate species from the Elrhaz Formation in an area known as Gadoufaoua located within the Republic of Niger. The fossils of the dinosaur were first discovered in 1976. However, it was named only in 1999 when more complete remains were discovered and described.

The genus has one specie, Nigersaurus Taqueti. The species is named in honor of French Palaeontologist Philippe Taquet, who discovered the first fossils.

The Discovery of Nigersaurus

Nigersaurus was a paleontologist in the days of protozoa that lasted around about 115 million years back. The origin of this creature is believed to be within Central North Africa due to the creation of numerous skull bones found in Niger, Tunisia, and Algeria.

It was discovered in the area called Gadoufaoua located inside the Republic of Niger. The fossils of the dinosaur were found in 1976 and were later designated in 1999 when more remains were discovered and examined.

Nigersaurus had largemouths that had 500 teeth. We will look at some surprising details about weight, size, and some bizarre information about Nigersaurus.

What does the Nigersaurus appear?

The Nigersaurus is very similar to sauropods. It was smaller in size as well as ticker hind legs. It also had a tail that was similar to other dinosaurs. Nigersaurus was 9m in length which is quite short for the sauropod. It was once a neck-lengthening. The dinosaur was equipped with 500 teeth and was weighing around four tonnes, which is similar to the weight of an elephant. The skeleton of the dinosaur was pneumatized and connected by air sacks. However, its limbs were built for tough motion.

The skulls of the Nigersaurus featured large fenestrae as well as tiny bones that were designed for feeding. The muzzle of the Nigersaurus was large and provided over 500 teeth and had the capability to replace them in a short time approximately every 14 days. The skull was encased in an elongated jaw sheath.

It is described as an ancient crocodile according to Paul Sereno. It had warmed plates with a foot each behind. The vertebrate arches were extensively perforated and had the appearance of laminae between air-filled openings. The vertebrae were without a solid central artery on the tail. It was strong and had limbs comparable to those of other dinosaurs. The pelvic and pectoral bones were only tiny millimeters wide.

What’s going on concerning “What dinosaur has 500 teeth.” on the internet

It is ironic that some people fail to distinguish between jokes and laughter. It’s just a matter of the extent to which it is possible to go down with humor in the name in the name of liberty of expression. In this era of dinosaurs with the teeth of 500, some try to mix comedy with ridicule or hate.

Based on American paleontologist Paul Sereno, the 110 million-year-old Nigersaurus boasted a staggering 500 teeth that looked like teeth that were replaced. The Nigersaurus is known as the “Mesozoic cow that Sereno calls “the most bizarre dinosaur ever discovered the world has ever seen”.

Different kinds of dinosaurs


The first dinosaur we’re going to look at is the theropod. It is one of the earliest types of dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs of this type were classified as being from the carnivores. That means that they consumed meat. These dinosaurs had legs that were strong and were also known to have feet that were similar to the birds.

The reason for this is that the feet of these dinosaurs had claws. These kinds of dinosaurs were also famous for their arms that were small or even short. The T-rex falls under this category of dinosaurs.


The third type of dinosaur we’ll be talking about is the Sauropods which were thought to have tiny heads. This isn’t because there’s a lot that you should be aware of.

They were the kind which, even with tiny heads, had an extremely large neck. In addition, they have very long tails.

These are the kinds of dinosaurs that could walk on their four feet. A unique and distinct thing about the dinosaurs was their herbivore nature, and they ate leaves instead of eating meat.

Some dinosaurs included in the category of sauropods include the jobaria, giraffatitan, and others. It is possible to learn more you can about these dinosaurs if would like to.


The next grouping in this collection of dinosaurs is the ankylosaur. These were dinosaurs with sizes ranging in size from tiny to moderate.

They were considered to be one of the more diverse kinds of dinosaurs since they had bodies that were animals was covered with boney plates or bony slabs. They were also extremely flexible.

A few types of this kind of dinosaurs are minmi, Nodosaurus as well as polacanthus. You can also search for further if you wish to learn more about them.

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