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Different Types of Industrial Generators

Industrial generators are precisely poles apart from the housing models that you can pick up. They are designed to withstand thrilling practices for prolonged phases in no less-than-ideal situations. In addition, these commercial generators include custom electrical or fuel requirements that are custom-built as per the industry requirement, including installation location and noise requirements. The use of heavy machinery requires proper maintenance and replacement parts like Hydraulic Breakaway Coupler.

Today, when we have numerous types of industrial generators with different capabilities, buyers are unaware of picking out the best ones as per their production requirements. Therefore, selecting the best among a range of Industrial generators to get the maximum usage for business needs is important. To help you choose, we have put together a list of the various types you can invest in.

Types Of Industrial Generators

Numerous Industrial Generators provide one to three-phase power supply, i.e., up to 480 volts from 120 volts. Industrial applications typically implement three-phase power generation or 480 volts as per the nature of commercial jobs to have more efficient outcomes. 

Various models are available in the market for any industry with multiple generators for multiple requirements, where sizes vary between 20 to 2500 kiloWatt in production from 150 to 3000+ HP engines; likewise, the categories of industrial generators fluctuate. 

The leading manufacturers of these industrial engines – that supply in Pakistan also – include Caterpillar, Generac, Katolight, Kohler, Cummins, and MTU.

Diesel Generators

The most demanded type of industrial generator is Diesel today because the Diesel engines are admired for their long lifespan, durability, and meager maintenance cost. Besides this, engines in diesel generators can run from 12,000 to 30,000 hours and operate at 1800 rpm between significant maintenance facilities. 

The cause behind its low maintenance is the diesel fuel that burns cooler while reducing the heat combustion, and the wear, on the appliance rather than the gasoline. The power supplied from these Industrial generators not only requires low maintenance but is also lower in cost through the higher energy density, maximized power supply, increased efficiency of diesel fuel. 

While many suppliers have pointed out that Diesel was strictly a “dirty” fuel, its enhancements in engine tools have condensed diesel emissions meanwhile increasing productivity. Furthermore, it is proven that the blends of 21% of biofuel could be used without harm in consistent diesel appliances in general.

Marine Generators

In case of emergencies when industries are required to produce the outcomes in a hurry, Marine generators are the most valuable options to choose. Marine Generators provide electric power support to various boat systems and accessories by ensuring to become the best alternative power source saves battery power. Moreover, it guarantees a stable flow of current to all electrical gear such as audio systems, lights bulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners, and so on, by consuming low fuel as compared to high powered engines.

Classified as marine, commercial or industrial generators are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Caterpillar, Kohler, and Cummins are three marine generator manufacturers that fully meet predestined industry requirements. Generators of this type should be used near seawater, recommended for large vessels and oil drilling rigs. While marine generators are available as gas or diesel-powered, adding Diesel to the generator for industrial use is a reliable pick.

Natural Gas Generators

Most efficient and cost-effective engine running on fossil fuels, Natural gas generators use liquefied petroleum or propane gas sufficiently. According to the Energy Information Administration, natural gas generators accounted for 48% of the global electricity generation capacity in 2020. In addition, since Natural gas can be stored in below or above-ground tanks, its engines become a clean-burning fuel that reduces numerous radiations problems. 

Besides this, Industrial Generators are extravagant in the initial purchase since they use natural gas. As a result, they become less costly than other fuels; trucking them to have maximum facilities per the industrial requirements leads to more expenditure, not to mention increases in functioning costs. 

Moreover, a natural gas generator has a meager output assortment than other diesel generators available in the market in terms of size. Therefore, to have higher output levels and more production, one should move up with the size of the natural gas generator to get equivalent results. Therefore, this investing in Natural gas generators is an exceptional pick for technology providers, but they can also back up their power sources.

Portable Industrial Generators

Portable generators are handy in various applications; they provide power by running a gas-powered engine that generates electricity by spinning an onboard generator. They are available in a variety of power configurations to suit different types of use cases. Some portable generators use petrol, while others use liquefied propane containers. Portable generators are very useful in natural disasters or grid failures. 

Through portable generators provide supremacy during planned or impulsive electricity outages, these Industrial Generators are felicitous and suggested for smaller commercial and industrial foundations. It may include retail outlets, medical stores, camping, outdoor weddings, outdoor events, construction sites for powering smaller tools, and powering agricultural equipment like drip irrigation or bore-wells systems.

Sound proof Generator

Sound proof diesel generators are the idyllic way out when a commercial industry needs to keep vibration noise levels near the ground means zero. Industrial generators provide commercial buildings with start-up support via hybrid inverter equipped to help them proceed with their productions automatically by ignition of the latter. This generator comes up with an air-cooled 4-stroke direct injection incorporated with a diesel engine and a low-level oil alarm with an automatic engine shutdown.

Moreover, you can easily install it with meager maintenance and low fuel consumption. The manufacturers of sound proof generators ensure protection against overload by measuring current and providing a feasible range between 230 and 400V. Besides this, soundproof generators automatically turn on and off the various integrated units such as silencer systems or Cooling System Admission System, as a matter of requirement. 


In the end, we suggest you invest some time in the options you have before you blast into obtaining an Industrial Generator. Don’t just look at upfront costs; consider ongoing expenses such as repairs and generator refuelling services before making your final decision.

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