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Desert Safari Dubai is an absolute thrilling Adventure.

Let’s say that you’ve had a lot of fun out there. The desert? People usually don’t think of “adventure” and “desert.” Whenever people think of the desert, they think of hot, blistering sand and thirst. A Dubai desert safari won’t be the wrong time. Because you’ll love it so much, you’ll want to go on more desert trips again and again.

To Begin With….

A trip to the desert It’s more fun to go on a Dubai adventure tour with all of your friends. Three different types of desert safaris are available:

  • Breakfast and coffee are included in the morning safari. There are lots of desert adventures to be had.
  • It’s an afternoon safari that ends right after the sun goes down. You can also sign up for the overnight safari, which comes with a tremendous in-tent lunch and entertainment.
  • It’s possible to go on an overnight safari and stay in a real Bedouin tent in the desert.

You’re Desert Adventure

Get ready for your desert adventure:

1.      Pickup

Pickup your group from meeting point and brings to desert. Keep your camera close by to take selfies with some great views and backgrounds. Pickup times will vary depending on the safari you’ve signed up for.

2.      Camel Caravan Ride

A camel farm will be your first stop. You’ll be able to ride a camel through the desert. When you get on a camel, the first thing you will do is take an introductory camel management class. You will then depend on one. The camel caravan will start moving in the desert when everyone is ready. Each guest will be on their camel. A Bedouin cloth in nomadic desert clothes will emerge from the desert to assist you with your pets. Those ancient nomadic people used to ride camels across the soft sandy ground just like you will now. You’ll see snakes and reptiles running away from you in the desert as you ride your camel. They’ll go into their excellent holes as quickly as possible. You might also see a desert fox and plants with weird shapes on your way.

3.      Bedouin Tent Experience

Following the camel ride, you’ll be transferred back to the SUVs for the remainder of your desert trip.. People who go on safari can stay at a real Bedouin camp in the desert, where they can drink hot, sweet, and thick coffee. They can also have breakfast or lunch, depending on their safari times.

4.      Desert Camp Adventures

Now it’s time to go on some adrenaline-pumping dune trips!

  • Sand Skiing: It’s called “sand skiing.” You start at the top of the dune and slide down the smooth sand. If you’ve water-skied before, this will be a piece of cake. You can only sandboard in the desert, so enjoy every second of this high-speed fun!
  • Dune Bashing: In a 4X4 vehicle at high speed, you will drive over the dunes and jump over small dunes. I think it will be like riding on a roller coaster, but a big one!

5.      Camp Entertainment

A quad bike has to go through rough roads to get to the other side. The sand in the desert is constantly moving, with small dunes melting into bigger ones. First, you can ride the quad bike with a guide if you’re not sure. 

6.      Sunset and Overnight Desert Safaris

Take-off time for the sunset safari is 4 PM, so you’ll be picked up then. Again, your first stop will be at the camel ranch, where you can ride a camel and enjoy the sun. Then, as we get closer to the Bedouin campsite, the sun is going down, and it’s time to get ready for a great sunset photoshoot.

  • Sunset Photography: Take pictures of the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. As the sun goes down, you’ll be taken to the highest dune in the area. Enjoy taking pictures of the sunset, and have fun! A photo from your Desert Safari sunset in Dubai might one day end up at a photo museum. It looks like a fairyland when the sun goes down. The last few rays hit the tiny pieces of mica in the sand, making the desert sparkle. It’s a beautiful sight.
  • Desert Adventures and Camp Entertainment: You can go dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and more in the desert like the safari guests did in the morning and afternoon, and you can do the same things you did. Enjoy a good nap inside the tent when you’re done with all your activities Take pleasure in having your hands and feet painted with henna, which is quite cool to the touch. Smoke a shisha pipe and you’ll experience what it’s like to be a real-life Bedouin from centuries ago.
  • Buffet Dinner: Get ready for a great BBQ dinner outside the campsite at dinner time, with popular Emirati and international dishes on the menu. Try a new food that you haven’t tried before to work your taste buds.
  • Overnight Stay: People who stay overnight in the desert under a pristine, black desert sky are in for a real treat. The campsite has a bathroom, a lot of sleeping bags and blankets to keep you warm on a cold desert night, and a fire to keep you warm. Spend the night in the tent or on the dunes right under the sky. Nothing in the world is like this. Keep your camera ready when you wake up to take some pictures of the sunrise when you get out of bed.
  • Sunrise Photography: There are few things more beautiful than a desert sunrise. As the desert sun spreads its golden rays over the desert’s dark dunes, you’ll see something happen. Onyx turns into pure gold little by little. It looks like something out of a different world when everything changes.

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