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Dedicated Server Hosting in Chicago: The Definitive Guide


A type of server hosting, in which you can dedicate a physical server to a specific business customer is called Dedicated hosting. In this, the customer has full control over the server and can customize it as per necessity. Dedicated hosting server company provides a full environment, physical server, and other required technical support.

Dedicated hosting and dedicated server are the same. Lots of customers can use a shared server but a dedicated server in Chicago is only available for a single customer. A dedicated server can increase performance, speed, data protection, and reliability on the web. Further, the customer has full control of the server.

Benefits of a dedicated server in Chicago?

Benefits of Dedicated Server in Chicago

Many people rely on dedicated servers to get great performance, better bandwidth, and higher security.

Let’s look at an example to get a better understanding of dedicated servers. Consider the dedicated server as your own house. And you know, you don’t have a problem while you’re in your house. But on the other hand, you consider shared servers as a rented room, where you share everything with your other roommates, just as you would with your friend.

Few key features of a dedicated server

  • Better bandwidth
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Low risk of malware
  • Maintain server as per your needs

Remember, you can use a dedicated server for multiple purposes. Like game servers, hosting websites, and others in which you need to store many files and a lot of data.

Read the feature of the dedicated server

Enhanced control

An organization’s IT staff can become a single tenant of a dedicated server environment. Therefore, they customize all the document and machine systems.

Performance and security

In the dedicated server, you aren’t sharing your space with spamming websites. A Chicago dedicated server provides you with enhanced security and data encryption to secure your company’s sensitive transactions file. So, malware and viruses can affect your data.


As per the needs of the customer, a dedicated server in chicago gives you complete flexibility of customization for CPU, RAM, disk space, and software. Plus, they allow you complete control over how you choose the platform and software and configure their dedicated servers.

But in a shared server, you can control only limited applications, software, file, and operating environments which are already fixed in the server.

IP Address

The IP address is unique for each server. If you get shared hosting in chicago, then you also share your unique IP address with many websites. If there is a spamming site or an adult site on your IP address, then your website also ranks down.

But in the case of a dedicated server, you get your unique IP address. If your running website has large, heavy traffic and accepts online payment websites then this is very important for your business.


When a website in a shared server suddenly receives high traffic, the server may be down from all the sites that are hosted in that particular server. This can affect your site’s conversion rate or user experience.

When you run an e-commerce website, uptime is the first step in enhancing the user experience. A dedicated server can load high traffic to your website round the clock.

Pros and cons of Dedicated Server in Chicago

Pros and cons of Dedicated Server in Chicago

Pros of Dedicated server


When you host your website on the dedicated server, then you have full control of its server configuration. As your web business needs, dedicated hosting provides you to configure your server. It also includes CMS(content management system) platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal for eCommerce.

You can upgrade your rent dedicated server Chicago as your web business scales up.

High Bandwidth

In the shared hosting, you also share resources of the server like processing, memory, and internet bandwidth.  At the time of huge traffic, it may affect your website’s loading speed. 

And on a dedicated server, you have your own complete environment of resources, processing power, and bandwidth.

Cons of Dedicated Server

Technical Knowledge 

In the VPS or shared hosting, all background setup will be provided by the hosting provider company. But in the case of Chicago dedicated hosting, you need to have technical expertise like running and installing, setting it up, administering, and so on.


If you run a small business or low-traffic site website, then you do not need to get dedicated or extensive server resources. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared or VPS hosting. 


Dedicated hosting depends on your web business needs. If you are running e-commerce, and a high-traffic website then you need dedicated hosting. With Serverwala dedicated hosting, you will get high security, better bandwidth, 24/7 technical support, and a complete environment of operating systems. But it is more expensive than shared or VPS hosting.

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