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Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

Before you go hunting, you should first buy a Damascus Steel Pocket Knife. At the same time, it is important to choose a reliable blade that will not let you down in the most dangerous situations. All knives are divided into two types: folding blades and fixed blades. 

Damascus blade models are the best Damascus Steel Pocket Knife because they are perfect for many hunting tasks. With its help, you can quickly and easily separate the skin from the body, cut the tendon, etc. Damascus models are popular with fishing enthusiasts. After all, for the intestines of fish, no special effort is required. Therefore, Damascus knives are quite capable of coping with this function.

Features Of Damascus Steel Pocket Knife:

Damascus knives are available in different sizes, depending on the type of animal. For example, for hunting rabbits or small game, large blades do not make sense, whereas for hunting wild boar, by contrast, you need a powerful blade. In this case, the knife will be useless.

Depending on the length of the blade, the hunting knife is divided into:

  • Short blade: The length of the blade can be between 8 and 12 cm. They are used to slaughter small animals, but not to cut wood.
  • Medium leaf: The leaf can grow up to 20 cm in length. These knives are very versatile for hunting and fishing. Can be used for cutting and cutting;
  • Straw with long leaves: The leaf is more than 25 cm long. It adapts to cutting wood, and can easily cut bones, but is very difficult to crush carcasses.

How to choose Damascus Steel Pocket Knife for hunting and tourism.

When choosing a Damascus Steel Pocket Knife, you should pay attention to several important factors:

Blade material

For the manufacture of knives, different grades of steel are used, which vary in texture and chemical composition. But in order to distinguish a knife from superior strength and reliability, there must be appropriate indications of hardness in the alloy. So, for example, the hardness of steel 95X18 (440C, a foreign analog) is approximately 60 HRC. This is enough for hunting and hiking knives that can withstand significant loads.

Blades made of relatively soft metal, with a hardness of less than 55 HRC, age rapidly, requiring permanent sharpening.


The best Damascus Steel Pocket knives should not only be strong and durable but also comfortable to use. The handle, which should fit perfectly and be comfortable in the hand, plays an important role. If the knife is to be used in cold weather, when the hunter may wear gloves, it is recommended to choose models that prevent the hand from slipping.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which the handle is made. There are also several options:

  • Plastic: Knives with plastic handles are very popular. This material is durable, resistant to dirt, and easy to clean (easy to clean), but when used with cold it can cause cracks.
  • Wood – Wooden handles are comfortable to use in any weather (do not freeze even in winter), but require constant care (treated with protective compounds) and are subject to wear. Are
  • Orthopedic – has many advantages (it fits well in the hand, does not absorb dirt, etc.), but still has one drawback – high cost.

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