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4 Surprising Design Elements That Can Make Your Custom Business Cards Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are incentives that companies offer to potential clients in exchange for their contact information. This incentive can come in the form of free blogs, downloadable content, or other marketing materials. Contact information is personal. Most business plan clients are unwilling to share such details with companies unless they have compelling reasons to do.

Lead magnets are also vital for sales. That’s why companies must try to create as many lead magnets as possible. Business cards have always been helpful tools for sharing and receiving information with potential clients. Can custom business cards be used as lead magnets to boost your company’s sales? Yes. But, these cards must have high-quality designs. No one appreciates or wants to hold on to poorly designed business cards.

Here are 4 design elements that you can add to your business cards to make them lead magnets –

QR Codes

QR codes are not small. They occupy plenty of space. That’s why business owners must get folded business cards and print them on both sides. They can quadruple their business cards’ print space by getting these cards. Including QR codes in your business cards can make your company easier to access for recipients.

  • You can link your printed business card with your business website via a QR code.
  • QR codes are cleaner and easier to access for users (compared to URL links). People who receive your business cards simply need to scan these codes with their smartphones to access your business website.  
  • Many savvy business professionals include audible nametags in the QR codes on their business cards. Prospects scan these codes and hear the client’s name or the brand name.

QR codes on business cards also make workers appear more professional.

Social Media

Include social media accounts that are the most relevant to your recipients. Including your LinkedIn ID in your business card makes sense if you’re a stockbroker or in finance.


It’s a good idea to include company addresses on business cards. But, what if your company address takes up too much space on your custom business card? The easy solution is putting a map of your location on the back of the business cards. Take a screenshot of your company address on Google Maps. Or, ask a designer to create a map of your company address from scratch using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Make sure the map doesn’t compromise your business card’s initial design. Details like company name, contact name, number, and website address still need to be present on the cards.


Don’t pair your email with your company’s web addresses. Prospects are likelier to convert if they contact you directly. Give them the company website address and encourage them to explore it on their own. But, make sure to include your professional email address on the business card. The leading sellers of business cards use digital printing tools. They can print all types of sophisticated artwork on your 3” x 2” business cards. Designers have the power to create unique business cards that make recipients want to follow up with the company.

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