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Could Business Travel See A Strong Post-Pandemic Recovery In 2023?

During the pandemic, due to multiple travel restrictions, business travel collapsed. In fact, there were some real concerns that it would never recover. However, in 2022, this fear was proven to be unfounded. 

Bookings on business travel continue to recover and spending is increasing month on month. It’s even rapidly gaining ground on domestic travel, and according to Business Travel Europe, it was on course for a 75% recovery by the end of 2022. On top of this, there is also a rise in blended leisure and business travel (‘bleisure’ travel) that is helping the industry rebound. 

As such, despite business travel still being below pre-pandemic levels, the ongoing financial crisis, and the new work-from-home culture, the travel industry remains optimistic for 2023. 

How does this affect you?

As an employer, manager or business owner, it’s time to embrace this new way of life in the same way that the travel industry has done. Below are some of the best ways you can do this.

Ensure every business trip is worth it

Business trips are an invaluable way to network and make connections. They can also be ideal for promoting your product, service, brand or company, and ensuring that you reach new territories. If you have a deal to sign or you’re trying to negotiate a deal that’s in the pipeline, then this is also often better in person – depending on the preferences of all parties involved. 

However, be cautious about how often you use business travel. It can obviously be expensive and time-consuming, and if you’re trying to watch your company’s carbon footprint, too much travel can send it off the scale. 

Look at the options available to you. Could you achieve what you’re hoping to achieve by using video conferencing, a promotional demo, a webinar, a forum, or another technology option? If the answer is yes to this, then save yourself time, money and effort by choosing one of these instead!

Keep in touch with your workers

Yes, your employee may be on the other end of the country or even across the other side of the world, but they are not on a holiday. Make sure you keep in touch with them regularly via email, messaging services, video calls or telephone.

Ensure equality

Just because someone isn’t in your office, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be offered the same opportunities and information as those that are. 

If your employee is away on business and you hold a production meeting or something similar, make sure that they get a copy of the minutes when they return or allow them to join remotely, via video link. If they miss training while they are away, offer them to catch up via webinar or other forms of online training. 

Improve your communication skills

Look at how you communicate with your remote workers and ensure that the instructions and feedback you are giving are clear and concise. Remember, depending on what communication you are using, you may not have the benefit of voice inflection and body language.

If you feel your employees are unsure of how to use certain forms of communication or you don’t feel they are making the most of all their features, hold a webinar to teach them about it, ensuring they can operate it correctly afterwards. In fact, as seen in this article by Forbes, there are many reasons why your staff can benefit from webinars

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