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Coronavirus Certificate Verification – To Combat Covid-Related Frauds

The corporate entities and financial institutions that have survived from this global pandemic and now are trying to re-establish themselves are worth praising but in order to make things normal and to operate in this scenario coronavirus certificate verification is a must. Additional challenges have come along in customer onboarding that might stay there for a long period. 

Online solutions for confirming the vaccination status of customers have now become an integral part of a business’s infrastructure. In this hour of need, fraudsters have come up with a bunch of new techniques to con businesses, out of which healthcare providers and travel is on the top of the lot. Coronavirus certificate verification by AI-driven solutions is inevitable for securing business from infected customers and fraud schemes. 

Verify Covid Certificate in Real-Time

  • The customer places the vaccination pass in front of the verification browser for it to capture the image automatically
  • The screening technology of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is embedded in a solution for coronavirus certificate verification that selects the necessary data fields from the vaccination card. It extracts the ID of the specific vaccine centre and the QR code from the image of the pass and converts them into textual data
  • The captured information along with the personal credentials of the client is authenticated from global registers and the final result of coronavirus certificate verification is exhibited in an eye blink

Australian App Failure

For the sake of convenience of businesses operating in public areas and for customers to get facilitated swiftly, an application was introduced known as “Express Plus Medicare App”. The Australian citizens could download their vaccine cards from the platform in real-time. Scams related to COVID certificate verification originated from there soon after its launch. 

The application was flawed and fake vaccination cards were created through it. Many scammers created false passes for different customers so they can go through the authentication of different businesses. AI-driven checks in coronavirus certificate verification are ideal to deter fraud. 

Standout Features of Global Authenticating Solutions

API Integration

By utilizing more manual API creation strategies, indeed in case, the API itself was made by a third party, oversight and support of that API still fall on engineers within the undertaking. A business can confirm a client with single API integration in coronavirus certificate verification. Keeping tabs on all the APIs can be a debilitating and time-consuming effort. API integration stages, in any case, can essentially decrease this regulatory burden. API integration clarifies administration and other procedures.

Global Coverage

The solutions for coronavirus certificate verification with data of millions of customers from different regions and jurisdictions make the customer onboarding seamless and much more swift. The multilingual system with OCR technology can capture and transition a vaccination pass into the local language of the business in no time. Other electronic health records are also offered by the solution.

The system for coronavirus certificate verification confirms the vaccine status and identity of a particular client in a go with zero friction in a short period of time.

Data Security

The providers of the online validation solutions are GDPR compliant. The mandatory protocols and regulations of data privacy are met to ensure the absolute safety of businesses and their clients. 

Use Cases of Coronavirus Certificate Verification

Real Estate

The particular industry can optimize automated vaccine authenticating solutions in many cases. For instance, a client contacts an agent or broker for a rental property in either a residential locality or for an office. The concerned real estate agency must perform coronavirus certificate verification before any official paperwork. Improper validation would make infected clients settle down there which would increase the alarm for other surroundings.

Hotel Industry

The same issue goes for such businesses. The duration of stay in such places is shorter. Therefore systematic check of coronavirus certificate verification should be performed before the other future guests also get affected.

Other Publicly Operating Businesses

Shopping malls, cinema halls, and places like that cannot function without automated vaccine confirmation. The revival of these businesses merely depends upon accurate solutions providing coronavirus certificate verification at a brisk pace. Therefore, there is no room for compromise on the solution and process.


Things are getting better and entities are resuming their operations due to coronavirus certificate verification by AI-driven systems. Businesses and clients are now used to the current situation and doing their best to combat covid-19. Coronavirus certificate verification helps concerned organizations to streamline their onboarding and make up for the earlier losses incurred due to lockdown along with maximum assurance about the safety of the rest of the customer groups.

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