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Classy Window Treatment Ideas

Have you ever dreamt of a luxurious home with no windows? Obviously not. Windows are a mandatory part of a home. They enhance the look of your place and let you breathe in the fresh air allowing a sneak peek of the outside world. 

The window treatment market includes overwhelming possibilities. Each individual has a unique choice and preference, and that’s how they choose one. The decision can be challenging if you are new to the market, and several factors will help you decide on the selection.

The basic functionality of a window covering is to provide privacy and light control. But an additional essential factor will be the uniqueness and style of your new window treatments. Here are a few beautiful window treatment ideas that can update and refresh your entire home. You can always connect to Install Window Treatments LLC for installation and guidance over the window treatments.

Roman Blind

One cannot forget a pretty Roman blind when we think about window treatment ideas. They can add softness to a space with a modern hint. Make sure you have a well-ventilated room with blinds. It’ll prevent any mildew from forming, and you can customise any sort of design or fabric depending on where you plan to install them.

If you are going with the Roman blinds for the bathroom, make sure to avoid the full-length ones. Also, choose a much lighter fabric so that it dries up quickly.

Black Window Frames

You may find white window frames stylish and elegant. If you wish to provide a dramatic hint to your living space, something unusual and out of the box, then how about black window frames? Black itself is a colour of style and doesn’t need appreciation.

You can have your black window frames with light coloured curtains to balance out the theme. Make your room more dramatic and bold. Black frames also help to make printed, patterned, and bold coloured window treatments pop.

Solar Shades

If you enjoy sunlight in your room throughout the day, you’re not the only one. It can get your mood lit up and provide that instant boost of energy to work. If you notice, you may observe the fading and discolouration it causes to the furnishings. 

Solar shades are your only option to balance the damage by blocking a certain amount of light. Unlike black blinds, it doesn’t completely block the light but weaves some of it to avoid fading. Also, solar shades are available in many stylish options with a wide colour range.

You can have them in your living room or other large spaces. 

Roller Blind

Roll that blind to enjoy the view, but your blind should be equally good-looking as the view. Roller blinds come with attractive designs with different quality materials. You choose the one that fits your budget perfectly, and they are one of the best and most popular choices for windows.

Roller blinds provide durability and flexibility on a low budget. You can also have them if you live with your parents or older people since they are much easier to operate.

Curtains and Wallpapers

Go with the curtains and wallpapers if you seek window treatments that provide a bolder and more beautiful look. Select a bright colour for the curtains and attractive wallpaper to have that statement look.

You can mix and match colours, fabrics and patterns depending on the theme you wish to create. Make sure to balance out the colour density and make it seem more appealing.

Woven Wood Shades

Natural wood has something which makes it inherently beautiful and comforting. They lift the look of your whole interior design. Selection is vast when it comes to colours and resources like bamboo, jute, hemp and flax. Introducing woven wood shades is like adding natural beauty to your home.

If you are inclined towards organic, eco-friendly materials that are recyclable, you have your answer. Other than that, woven shades provide warmth and texture to your living space.

Custom Drapery

You can find an exclusive drapery collection by the budget blinds combined with fashion designers and quality craftsmanship. Drapery can stand alone or be layered with window coverings as per your choice.

Install drapery to your living space if you are aiding for more privacy for the area with style. Create a focal point in any room with custom, decorative drapery for a lavish look.

Top Treatments

Valances and cornices are the treatments that provide a unique, stylish look to a window. It offers an unlimited range of fabrics, patterns and colour options for you to go with, and you can combine them upon your choice if you aspire to achieve elegance.

Not only a distinctive style but trims and tassels can also end up giving an ornamented stylish look to the space. Lastly, top treatments are excellent to conceal architectural issues like uneven windows or that growing arch.

Luxurious Window Treatment Ideas

  • Patterned blind with a wallpaper
  • Turn your space into a tropical paradise
  • Mixing decor styles 
  • Use warmer shades for cool rooms
  • Merge indoor and outdoor with botanical prints
  • Choose the suitable fabric and drape
  • Venetian blind (balancing privacy and light)

Popular Window Treatments

The best window style ideas for 2021 include decorative Roman and roller blinds. They serve the dual purpose of comfort and layering. You get blinds options, including solar shading for curtains and elegant layered looks are famous amongst interior designers. Shutters are perennially popular and are even paving their way to porches; for rental properties. Venetian blinds are more budget-friendly for a modern look. 

The Bottom Line

Each of the beautiful treatments above can be used individually or in combination with other customised treatments. Whether you want your room layered with traditional wooden blinds or custom drapes to achieve elegance, it’s on you. 
If you aim for a classy look or strive for that elegant hint in your living space, you have availability of various options. Install Window Treatments LLC will help you with the selection and instalment of your dream window treatment. Customise the above window treatment ideas to define perfection.

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