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Choosing the right keywords with 4 main strategies

Keywords are the deciding factors for SEO success. So, choosing the right keywords is essential to maximize SEO results. The content creation step begins after the keywords selection. Therefore it is crucial to follow the right strategy for keyword selection. If you don’t know how to do this, hire an SEO company India or foreign who can set your SEO on the right track. 

Even though you have the option of hiring an SEO company, today we will tell you 4 main strategies to choose keywords. Following these strategies will surely help you in choosing the right keywords for SEO strategies.

4 strategies to choose keywords: 

  • Start with research using tools 
  • Set specific and realistic goals 
  • Think like the way your customers can
  • Keep a check on your Competitors

Now, it’s time to dig deeper. 

  1. Start with research using tools

The first strategy to choose keywords is to start keyword research using any available tool. Plenty of free tools are available on the internet. You only need to start working so kick start your keyword search using those free tools. If you don’t know how to find the right tool, just search on google and you will see so many top recommendations. Choose any one tool that you are most comfortable with and start your keyword research. 

  1. Set specific and realistic goals

Keywords choice highly depends on the company goals. You need to set specific and realistic goals such as an increase in web traffic, conversions, or revenue. Then only we can think of choosing the keywords.  Be so specific with your goals as if you can help choose the right keywords which will ultimately lead to maximum returns.

  1. Think like the way your customers can

To make revenue from customers it is important to understand what your audience or customers actually want. Therefore you need to think the way your customers can so that you can choose the right keyword for targeting them. Once you know that, it will be easy for you to create content around that keyword in the most preferred format. 

  1. Keep a check on your Competitors

It is important to keep a check on competition as it will help you in choosing keywords. You can use the same keywords that your competitors are targeting by making unique content related to those keywords. You can grab amazing content ideas from your competitors. But make sure that you only see ideas and keywords, not the whole content. Content should be unique and non-plagiarised. 

Additional tips 

  • Diversify your selection criteria for keywords

Don’t choose your keyword depending on just one or two criteria instead look for different criteria such as search volume, competition, relevance, current rankings, etc. This will help you choose better keywords. 

  • Create compelling content around chosen keywords

When you have chosen the keywords, then you need to create compelling content around those keywords. 

Additional points that you should take care of are: 

  • Bring some content that is not out there. 
  • Give your best shot and write best 
  • Make use of keywords more thoroughly 
  • Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are those that have 3-4 words or phrases. These keywords have low search volumes but they attract the best and relevant traffic. Apart from this, long tail keywords are less competitive and are easier to rank on search engines. So, you should surely choose 1-2 related long tail keywords for your content so that you can rank high on search engines using that keyword and can attract the most relevant traffic to your site.  

  • Result analysis

No task ends after finishing. Therefore content creation around those chosen keywords is not enough. After content creation, you need to analyse results. Check which keywords are getting maximum returns and which are least performing. Then optimize your content again depending on the results that you receive. Also, don’t forget to use trending keywords as your competitors might also be using those keywords. 

Use your keywords at maximum places and optimize your content well. You can insert keywords into social media posts, metatags, URLs, meta descriptions, image alt tags, heading tags, blogs, etc. If you will use more keywords, your chances of ranking high will increase. 


Having the right strategy to choose keywords is crucial if you want to be on top of search results. Therefore we have created this list including 4 strategies for choosing keywords. You can start with using tools for keywords research and selection. You need to set specific and realistic goals for your business so that your keyword selection can be smooth. Also, you need to think like your customers so that you can target them well. In the end, it is important to see competitors as you can get better keywords and content ideas from them. Hope you understand all strategies for choosing keywords and you can select the right keywords for yourself. 

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