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Child sleep in the dark or with light / night lamp on; what is better and why?

Is your child afraid of the dark? What do you do then: let your child sleep with the light on, or rather not? Are there any disadvantages if you let your child sleep with lights on? Are there any benefits to sleeping with the light on? Is your child sleeping well enough? Doesn’t he get used to it too much? And if you then choose a small light: what options are there?

Child afraid of the dark

Many children are afraid of the dark for a period of time. In itself, nothing to worry about right away. But what do you do? Of course, a child will be less afraid in a room where he can just see everything. But we also all know that sleeping in a dark room actually gives more peace. But not sleeping at all is even worse.So what do you do well now? Of course, that will differ per child, but before you decide to just leave the light on, it is of course better to try slightly milder forms first!

Choose a night light, possibly with a timer

Choose small bedside lamps and turn them off when you go to bed yourself,

Turn on the light on the landing/in the hall

Why sleeping in the dark is better

Maybe you think to yourself “What are we doing hard about, just a light on and done”. Nevertheless, there are certainly disadvantages to sleeping in an illuminated room. rc trucks 4×4 off road waterproof we need the hormone melatonin to become sleepy. Falling asleep while wide awake: We all know that doesn’t really work. However, melatonin is better produced in a dark environment! In other words: falling asleep in a bright room where the pendant lights are on will usually be less likely to go. A healthy biorhythm is important. Too much light in the evening or night can disturb this!

Why a night light

A night light is a small light, so that your child will not really be disturbed in his sleep, but which in turn gives just enough light to make it less scary. Night lights come in many variants, making buying a night light still a sport in itself. Of course you will first have to consider what you want to achieve with the light. You can also use them to train your child to go to sleep in the dark! And that is of course very useful.

Advantages of a night light

These advantages are fairly general, but of course also differ per light. Because the variety in lights is so great, the advantages and disadvantages will also be different here and there!

A small light ensures that you can see something, but the room remains reasonably dark

Other children who may sleep with or near your frightened child are less bothered by this

Often you can combine a night light with other functions, such as a music box or baby monitor

Feeding at night, going to the bathroom or maybe an older child going to bed? The large light can then be absent, so that less trouble is experienced

A night light can help train you fall asleep

The disadvantages of a night light

But even now there are disadvantages:

Some lights just have too bright light or, for example, blue light that disturbs the night’s sleep

Any moving patterns on the wall or ceiling are nice, but are actually not ideal at all. After all, they stimulate the brain

Costs energy whether it’s batteries or just the power grid

Child gets used to it so sleeping somewhere without a light can be / remain a problem

Sleep trainer night light

It has already been mentioned a few times that a night light can also be used as a sleep trainer. There are lights that you can set in such a way that it can make it clear to your best rc car for kids when he can get out of bed! For children who wake up early and cannot yet look at the clock, this is an ideal solution. But you can also use a light to get your child used to sleeping in the dark. Choose a light that lights up less and less brightly, for example. Or dim the light a little more every night and build it up like that.

What do you pay attention to when buying a night light?

A number of things to think about;

Think about what you want to use the light for and adjust the functions of the light accordingly.

Choose red light! And certainly no blue! Red light would not affect the production of the sleep hormone. Blue, on the other hand. That’s why sitting on a screen in bed or before you go to bed is so bad!

You can combine multiple functions in 1 device: alarm clock, sleep trainer, light, baby monitor etc.

Do you want or do you not want extra things such as moving things or music?

Make sure you don’t have too bright light! Dimmable light is ideal, so you can adapt it to the conditions.

Did you know that

Your baby is born without fear of the dark. Only as a toddler / toddler will he be able to get scared because that is his fantasy around the corner. So leaving a light on as standard with a baby is actually not that smart at all. This way you get your child used to the fact that it is never really dark. So don’t start with a light in advance!

What else can you try?

Does your child not want to sleep in the dark because he is afraid? Or is there actually something completely different going on? After all, it can also just be that your child cannot sleep for other reasons and when he lies awake, he starts thinking and literally seeing ghosts. Try to make at least the other conditions (so outside the light) as favorable as possible. Consider the following points:

Provide a clear sleep rhythm! Going to bed at the same time every day can really make a big difference

Avoid crowds before your child goes to sleep, so no screen before bed or wild games. Better to read a book quietly!

Prevent your child from sleeping (too much) during the day! Because yes: you can also just be asleep…

Playing outside helps! Sunlight, movement: all factors that make a child (and you) fall asleep faster

A nice temperature in the bedroom also helps a lot. So make sure the room is not too hot! A window or grille open is ideal for healthy air in the room

Make sure there is still some time between dinner and going to bed

Put away all light sources that can affect your child’s biorhythm! So no screens in the bedroom, no alarm clocks that give light or other devices! And as has already been said before: if a light has to be chosen somewhere, go for red!

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