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Canada Business Incubators – Everything to Know

Foreign citizens who get accepted into Canada Startup Visa Program are granted permanent residency immediately. This is a fantastic immigration opportunity for entrepreneurs or investors who want to start a new business and develop Canada’s economy.

Going ahead with a business incubator is an excellent way to begin your application for a Canada business visa. Thus, this article will discuss what a business incubator is and why they are important.

What is a Business Incubator?

A business incubator is a non-profit organization aimed at speeding up the growth of startups and early-stage firms. They provide essential services such as office space, mentoring, management training, and even startup investment opportunities. If an incubator approves your proposal, they believe in your business concept and want to help you quickly get it off the ground.

How does a Business Incubator help in visa applications?

One of the crucial concerns of the Canadian government for Startup Visa applicants is whether or not your firm will turn out to be profitable in the future. If you’re accepted into a Canadian incubator programme, you’ll be demonstrating that a credible organisation believes in your business idea.

The difference between getting assistance from a business incubator, an angel investor organisation, and a venture capital fund is that the former does not require any financial investment. This will help in your Canada business visa application.

Qualifying Criteria

You cannot just go into an incubator and submit a proposal if you want to establish a business in Canada. You must select one that has already received government approval in Canada.

There are 30 “designated” incubators that accept Startup Visa Canada applicants. To be recognised, a business incubator must be a member of and approved by the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO).

Steps to Apply for Startup Visa

– Find Out Which Incubator Suits You Best

Some programmes are centred on a single industry, while others are centred on a specific geographic area. Furthermore, some programmes will accept businesses that are nothing more than a business concept, but others would require a profitable company.

Each programme has its own set of admissions requirements, and they’re usually fiercely competitive. You should submit an application to more than one incubator that appears to be a good fit for your business idea – careful research is essential at this point.

– Get Accepted By Them

Once you’ve been admitted into a business incubator programme, you’ll almost certainly be awarded a Canadian Startup visa. At this point, the government will begin processing the necessary papers. The average wait time for this sort of visa is between 12 and 16 months. Often, there is already a successful and lucrative business, but if you are at the ideation stage, that is, if you have nothing but an idea, you may still be eligible for an incubator. This happens if your idea is adequately developed and commensurate with your skills and expertise.

– Get Inside Canada

If you’re already in Canada, set up a quick consultation with an immigration officer to check your paperwork, confirm your place of residence, and make sure you’re meeting all of the requirements.

You will go through a similar procedure with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer if you arrive in Canada after being accepted. You might also be eligible for a temporary work permit, which allows you to work while your application is reviewed. However, keep in mind that to immigrate to Quebec, you’ll need to apply through the Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program.

Importance of Business Incubators

Business incubators can be found all around Canada, providing candidates with the resources they need to qualify for permanent residence and start their enterprises under the Launch-Up Visa programme.

Business incubators are important actors in Canada’s economic development sector because they nurture startups and help them traverse the many hurdles they face in obtaining the financial, human, and physical resources they need to survive and prosper over months – and in some cases years. These business incubators provide office space, administrative support, mentorship and training, as well as access to investors and funding to entrepreneurs right from the start when the business is still just an idea.

Business incubators, which can be run as non-profits or as for-profit companies, assist entrepreneurs in the following ways:

  • establish links with financial partners, business consultants, and management-level executives
  • locate office space and business hardware and software.
  • gain access to research through partnerships with universities and government agencies.

A venture capital fund, an angel investor group, or a business incubator must support fledgling entrepreneurs seeking permanent residence in Canada under the Canada Startup Visa Program. These organisations select which business proposals to analyze, and each has its unique proposal intake procedure and evaluation criteria.


The Canadian Business Visa under the Canada Startup Visa Program is a great initiative of the Canadian government to boost its own economy while offering chances to promising startup ideas. Besides, the unique aspect of getting a permanent residence is a bonus. Thus, this program is very different from the other startup visa programmes worldwide and is preferred by millions of businessmen.

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