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10 Book cover ideas and Designs to follow

Book cover ideas are one of the key stages in its creation. Because not only a person is met by dress. It is important that the cover matches the content, is aesthetically pleasing and makes you want to open the book and start reading it. Of course, every writer has his own reader, but in order to find his book, he must see it among hundreds of others on the store shelves. What is needed for a book to cover ideas to attract attention, and what requirements it must meet, read in our material.

1. Coloring pages – not only for children…

If earlier it was more of a children’s hobby, today antistress coloring pages for the adult population with complex drawings have begun to be very popular. The reason for this was the computerization of society in the modern world. A person’s life is filled with stressful situations, and coloring graphic drawings helps to relieve the stress that has accumulated throughout the day.

People in the modern world live in a frantic rhythm, and art therapy and creativity become a cure for it. For example, in the process of planning a work day or a business meeting, you can put your thoughts in order and relax with anti-stress coloring.

The human desire for drawing (with paints, pencils or pens), as well as for the development of creative potential, appeared back in 2015. If you are tired of the gray days, you can dive into the world of creativity with DoodleBook and SketchBook coloring pages.

2. Spine and bleed.

Quite often, for the design of printed products, they began to use the shading of the cutoff of the block from the ends (top, bottom and side), using for this purpose paints with a water-soluble binder and pigment. This procedure is carried out immediately after the trimming takes place. The dye, which is applied to the ends, does not lead to sticking of the sheets.

Some time ago, painting the ends of a book cover was carried out manually, but this continued until this process was automated. It should be noted that a book with a painted edge looks more attractive to the buyer among other book products.

When a person chooses a book on a store shelf, the first thing he pays attention to is the spine and book cover ideas. So special attention is paid to its design. Designers can use the most creative solutions, for example, switching to it from a book cover. In this case, various, often non-standard techniques are used.

3. Varnishing.

In the printing industry, this type of post-printing processing has been popular for quite a long time. By selective varnishing, the color, saturation and contrast of the image are significantly improved.

To decorate books, several types of varnishing can be used – glossy, matte, glitter (embossed, with sparkles, etc.) and fluorescent. In some cases, several options are used at once, which gives the printed publication a unique look.

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4. Embossing.

On the binding material (cardboard, paper, etc.), a relief drawing is created by the pressure of a cliche. Stamping with colored foil allows the book block a more presentable and expensive look.

Blind embossing is often used without the use of flat plate foil. It can be performed both without heating, and with it. This technique for decorating the binding of printed products, for example, embossing geometric shapes, is used in the countries of East Asia.

5. Cutting.

This version of the book cover ideas gives the publication a personality. Punching (punching) is done either with the help of metal punching forms, or with a laser. The second method produces more interesting and detailed die cuts.

6. “Dust Covers”.

This element is worn either on the book covers (Amazon) or on the binding and performs two functions at once. Firstly, the dust jacket protects from dirt, and secondly, it is part of the external book design. For the manufacture of dust jackets, cardboard, laminated paper, tracing paper or plastic are most often used, since they are quite durable and resistant to abrasion.

Cut-out dust jackets look very impressive when part of the binding is visible through them. This technique is often used to decorate books from East Asia. It is worth noting that it is this design element that sets the book apart from the rest of the printed matter on the shelves of bookstores.

7. “Semi-Super”.

Today, “semi-super” is beginning to enjoy popularity, that is, the surface of the book, which covers not the entire binding, but part of it, being an additional advertisement. The main feature of this design option is the separation of visual information on the cover and “super”, for example, the latter contains an image or text, and an ornament is placed on the cover. If a complex form of “super” is used, then the book looks especially impressive.

8. Non-standard serial production.

In this case, a book series is formed by repeating elements such as font, logo, style of design. Moreover, they all have assigned places that remain throughout all editions of the series.

If we talk about the series of books that are published today in Europe, then each has its own color, but the font may differ, since it is selected for each book individually. The location of the main element of the series may be different on each binding.

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9. Extra-serial editions.

Book cover ideas should be thought out in such a way that the image of the publication becomes unique. As for non-standard serial designs, here, as a rule, unusual materials are used that affect the shape of the book. However, the economic crisis around the world still affected the use of non-standard materials, as well as forms for printed products.

There are very few books left in which bindings from non-standard expensive materials, for example, knitted, wooden, are used. On store shelves, you can see publications in which the texture of brick or concrete is imitated by means of a sealed cover.

It is the non-standard design of non-serial publications that attracts the potential reader with the unusual embodiment of the idea contained in the book.

10. Strikethrough.

One of the most visible trends in book cover ideas today is the strikethrough technique. It is often used in advertising and website design. When a book title is crossed out or the main cover image is overlaid with graphic elements, it grabs the reader’s attention. When a customer sees a cover that has hidden details, he stops his gaze on it. This is because he becomes interested in what facial features are hidden under the text and dies.

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