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BFIC: Measures backed by its ever-growing ecosystem.

BFIC, a wondrous crypto project, was just introduced a couple of months ago by Innovation Factory. Earlier in January 2021, BFIC was launched as a token on Binance. Yet, the company wanted to do much more with it. This led to the development of its own BFIC Blockchain. Now, the blockchain utilizes the BFICoin to record ledger transactions.

The Word Around the Industry:

Wherever we find any content on BFICoin, we definitely come across the statement that the project has a unique ecosystem to empower its utility. The tweets, the YouTube videos and even the blogs, all are praising its utility plan. So, one thing is for sure, that they have branded BFICoin as a very fine utility-based cryptocurrency.

What Actually is an Eco-system?

Although we hear this term very often in the crypto industry while assessing various crypto projects, do we really know what it means?

An eco-system is generally the environment around a relevant subject. For instance, our environment is our ecosystem. The infrastructure, the trees & plants, the air quality, everything around us that directly affects us is termed as our ecosystem.

In cryptocurrency, an ecosystem refers to the technological environment built around a crypto project. It mainly consists of complementary projects, exchange platforms and utility driving solutions for the crypto project. A strong & diversified ecosystem of a crypto project would ultimately result in stronger growth and potential of the project.

BFICoin’s Ecosystem:

In order to assess the strength of BFIC ecosystem, we first need to ascertain the projects included and the roadmap for the future of the ecosystem. By default, it consisted of around 13 projects which have now expanded further. The ecosystem currently houses the following projects that have already been launched:


XchangeOn is a crypto trading platform that was launched parallel to BFICoin as the platform. The exchange platform was initially deployed to only feature P2P trading and is now undergoing upgrades with advanced trading features that include Arbitrage Trading, Future trading, Margin trading, Copy trading & FX Trading.

BFIC Network:

The second most essential project from BFICoin’s ecosystem is the BFIC Network. A platform built for stake-mining BFICoins on smartphones. BFIC Network is a complete power-packed solution for crypto networkers and miners. The project will also be responsible for the distribution of approximately 47% of BFICoin’s total supply.

1st Investment:

A custom investment platform for BFIC holders that provides limitless and customizable options. The 1st Investment platform also catered the staking of BFIC tokens, for users to be able to get a refund in BFICoins.

Upcoming Projects:

There’s a load of upcoming projects from BFIC’s ecosystem, some of which are already under development and might be launched in the first quarter of 2022. These include:


A unique utility project for BFICoins that will allow users to purchase crypto bonds through their BFICoins. These crypto bonds will yield rewards through transparent draws on monthly basis.


Bulleto is a smart contract that will act as a multi-level income generation platform for BFICoins. The project was launched earlier for the token as well, and due to its massive success; Innovation Factory is relaunching a revised version of Bulleto for BFICoins as well.

BFIC Store:

The first of its kind, BFIC Store is a crypto commerce platform for BFIC holders. The users will have the facility to shop online from over 200 international brands through their BFICoins. The BFIC Store will probably be the most hyped crypto project this year.

Insured Trading:

Insured Trading is one such project. In case of any losses, the users can claim back a percentage of loss through the insurance platform. The insurance packages will be available to buy through BFICoins only.

Block Hub:

A dedicated development platform for BFIC Blockchain, Block Hub will cater for investors and other projects to get smart contracts & tokens to be developed and deployed. The project will also provide exclusive blockchain and crypto development services.

Time 2 Travel:

For those who love travelling and adventures, BFIC’s Time2Travel will be a true treat. The project will allow users to purchase travel tickets, tourism & accommodation plans online through BFICoin’s.

Trump Card:

As the name suggests, this project will be Innovation Factory’s wild card entry for BFIC’s ecosystem.  Trump Card will bring a massive market cap flow for BFICoins with its extraordinary discount deals and packages.

Virtual Meet:

A platform where crypto traders & investors will be able to conduct their online meetings. Virtual Meet will offer subscription plans through BFICoins. Imagine it as Zoom for crypto networkers.

Crypto Cash:

With so many online utility projects for BFICoins, the only thing that remains is BFIC debit & credit cards for better liquid options. Innovation Factory has even got this covered through the Crypto Cash project.

Snake N Ladder:

Snake N Ladder will be a play-to-earn NFT game for BFICoins. The traditional snakes & ladders game that became a universal success will now be featured as an NFT game that utilizes BFICoins and also rewards in the same.

The Assessment & Conclusion:

To be honest, this is one magnificent ecosystem. The point to ponder upon is that these projects aren’t something out of the world, yet none of the other cryptocurrencies thought of these. Innovation Factory saw the opportunities in the most basic needs and improvised the solutions accordingly.

Overall, the ecosystem designed for BFICoin is super exciting. It would be completely safe to state that BFICoin and its ecosystem will definitely witness tremendous success and will set new standards for other crypto projects.

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