Best way to lower cholesterol: 7 Natural Anti-Cholesterol Remedies

Best way to lower cholesterol: 7 Natural Anti-Cholesterol Remedies

Let’s not lie! If we have cholesterol, it is often because we eat too much fat and do not balance our diet. Eating healthier and getting some exercise are the 2 secrets (not so secrets) to lower cholesterol levels. To achieve this without constraint, here are the 7 natural remedies you need to know to lower cholesterol for a long time:

1. Reduce fat

The first thing to do when you have a little too much cholesterol is of course to reduce the fats in your diet. Reduce your butter consumption and switch to oils rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 and 6. There, we have a choice. Alternate in your preparations with olive oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil and sunflower oil. 

No need to go without cheese. It is good for calcium and protein. But you can choose one that will contain little fat (fresh cheese, camembert, cantal). 

2. Eat fish

We focus on fish-based menus at least three times a week. Lean fish contain on average only 1% fat. These are cod, whiting or even sole and dab. That said, an occasional oily fish is not harmful, because it contains between 5 and 12% fat, which is not a lot. These are salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel. 3. I eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables naturally lower cholesterol levels. You must consume at least 3 per day, including at least 1 raw, because it is rich in fiber. Bet on seasonal fruits and vegetables sold at the market, they will be cheaper.

4. Change cooking mode

Certain investments are sometimes necessary. Of course, we wait until a pan is worn out or it’s Christmas or a party, but we think about buying the right utensils for cooking. 

On the list of items to have absolutely in your kitchen: a wok, a steamer, non- stick pans. 

Healthy cooking retains the vitamins and other goodness of all foods. These utensils reduce the use of grease. And to give flavor to steamed cooking, we add fresh herbs, onion or tomato coulis, for example. Above all, we ban fried foods and move on to baked potatoes.

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5. Cook yourself

We have been convinced for a long time that ready-made meals are bad for your health. In addition, they are more expensive than home cooking. In terms of cholesterol, it’s really obvious. 

Do not hesitate to look at the labels of prepared meals, read the carbohydrate and lipid levels, it is sometimes edifying! 

Eating healthy is easy. And it is an effective natural remedy! It’s also great fun to learn how to cook yourself and proudly show off your progress. And you can count on Cathy’s light and economical recipes, like this one for example, which I personally love. 

6. Take magnesium chloride

The benefits of magnesium chloride are well established. We often recommend it, since it is used for many things for health, while being very economical. A grandmother’s remedy for cholesterol is to take a cholesterol cure. 

We therefore do not hesitate to do 3 or 4 cures of 3 weeks of magnesium chloride per year. It will indeed effectively reduce our triglyceride levels.

7. Practice physical activities

Moving every day by walking instead of taking your car, practicing a regular sport, helps considerably to lower cholesterol levels. 

Why? Because physical activity prevents clogging of the arteries and cardiovascular problems. It is a real natural treatment against cholesterol. 

This combined with your new best diet will allow you to find your ideal weight and keep it, while sleeping better and being less stressed. There you go, you know how to lower your cholesterol naturally.

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