Best Stylish and Useful Gifts for Baby

Best Stylish and Useful Gifts for Baby

Best Stylish and Useful Gifts for Baby: Are you looking for gift inspiration for your newborn baby? Then you have come to the right place. First of all, congratulations on your little one. You probably want to share that happy news with family and friends. And they, in turn, want to surprise you and the little one with a beautiful gift. But it would be a shame if those gifts are not quite to your taste or are not used very much. That is why we are happy to help you put together the ultimate baby gift list. An excellent list was full of inspiration and tips for the best baby gifts.

Why a baby gift list is useful

Baby news is the nicest and most beautiful news you can get. Your family and friends are, of course very sympathetic and would like to celebrate this happy news with you. This is often accompanied by a sweet congratulation card and a gift. And as sweet as that is meant, it can just happen that this present is not quite to your taste. Or how about duplicate items because you just bought that one romper yourself. To avoid the so-called ‘pass on gifts,’ we recommend that you make a baby gift list. On this, you can collect all gift wishes, so you can be sure that you will all use the received items. 

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The best gifts of the moment

Then now is the time to put together your gift list for your baby. And to help you on your way, we have listed the best maternity and baby gifts for you. Are you team gender neutral and natural, or does your parent’s heart beat faster from sugary sweet pink for girls and cool baby gifts for boys?

These are the most beautiful books.

Read a book together every evening and get lost in the most beautiful stories and illustrations. Isn’t that the dream of every (future) parent? Adding books to your baby gift list is super tip number 1. A diverse mix of new books and classic stories from the past make every reading moment a party. These are our five favorites. Click on the link to view the booklet.

  1. Prince chooses himself! Interactive booklets always work well. In ‘Princess chooses herself!’ teaches you to name mini colors and clothes. The shape of the booklet (a castle) is a party in itself. But the colorful drawings make it complete.  
  2. The Most Beautiful Fish of the Sea
  3. This is one of those classics we had in our closet, but it shouldn’t be missing in your mini’s collection. A beautiful story of parts and the holographic glittering scales make this book a great addition to your baby gift list. 
  4. Edge doesn’t want to go to the hairdresser
  5. Do you think inclusivity is important when choosing books? Then this is the best item for your baby gift list. The happy story tells that Idje and his magical afro make a great team. The matching illustrations splash off the page.
  6. The (even bigger) Fiep picture book Today’s
  7. Parents have almost all grown up with the amazing drawings by Fiep Westendorp. So you will enjoy this beautiful picture book just as much as your baby. An ode to Fiep and a beautiful picture book for the gift list. 
  8. Bedtime Stories for Rebellious Girls
  9. ‘Bedtime Stories for Rebellious Girls’ contains 100 stories to read about inspiring women who, in their own rebellious way, have changed the world a little. That doesn’t mean this is necessarily a baby girl gift because even small boys can learn some wise lessons from this.

Clothes and textiles for your baby gift list

You can never have enough baby clothes. Your mini is growing fast, and before you know it, the items in sizes 50 and 56 are too small. And in addition to all the trendy clothes, basics are of course also very important. We have made a top 10 handy, cool textiles and clothing gifts for your list. 

  1. Hydrophilic cloths. You use it for everything! 
  2. Bambino baby socks (these really stay in place).
  3. You can never have enough rompers and playsuits.
  4. Hydrophilic washcloths for bathing pleasure and snot bubbles. 
  5. A nice sleeping bag, from Witlof, for example.
  6. Cute hair bands for mini girls.
  7. Shower gloves for more grip during washing. 
  8. Your favorite diapers or a diaper subscription.
  9. A mini tracksuit from your favorite sports brand.
  10. Tom’s baby shoes. With every pair of shoes sold, Toms also donates a pair to children living in poverty.

You have probably already bought a lot of things for the birth yourself. So you know best what you use a lot or still miss in your child’s wardrobe.

The finest care products

There is nothing better than the smell of a freshly washed baby. And for that bathing and rubbing, you can always use some fine care products. For that, it’s good to know what most moms think are real essentials for your baby gift list in terms of care.

  1. A fine (zinc) ointment for the buttocks.
  2. Soap-free washing gel.
  3. Gentle baby body lotion or oil.
  4. A greasy cream for dry spots.
  5. Talcum powder to prevent diaper rash.

Which brands are favorite is different for everyone. But the products of Zwitsal and Naïf have been popular on many gift lists for the baby for years. Our super tip: the ‘Op ‘t Wangetje’ ointment from Zwitsal. Because it is just as tasty for mom as it is for the mini

Handy gifts that you don’t think of so quickly

Secretly, the following gifts are the ultimate items for your baby gift list. Because the best gifts are the skills, you hadn’t thought of in the first place. That’s why we love to highlight our five favorites for you. 

Gift vouchers

Not the most pleasant gift, but very practical. With a gift voucher from your favorite baby store or brand, you can pick out something beautiful for yourself. This baby list gift is perfect for people who are a little further away from you and who don’t know your personal taste very well.

The snot sucker 

That’s not the real name of the device, of course, but we liked this name much more than the nose pear. You use a nose bulb to “suck” mucus and snot from your baby’s nose. This allows your mini to breathe again. super handy!

Fresh (ready-made) meals

Believe us, you really don’t feel like cooking when you’ve just given birth. And your partner can use his or her time better too. A fresh meal, cooked by friends or family, is very desirable. Some companies also provide fresh meals specially tailored to all the nutrients you need as a new mom. This maternity box from Oh My Guts, for example.

A newborn shoot

Because you are enjoying your little person in your baby bubble, you do not immediately realize that these first weeks fly by. How beautiful would it be to capture this special time with a newborn shoot? This is, therefore, a perfect gift for your baby gift list. Whereas baby even does know what’s going on How old am I, but when he would grow up, would love to see the pictures. 

Homemade vouchers

In the period after the birth, you can use a little help. That’s why vouchers that you can hand to your loved ones are a great maternity gift. Doing some shopping, good cooking, babysitting for a few hours, or putting up your new birth poster: it’s all great to be able to outsource.

You can also use the birth announcement card as inspiration. A tile or poster in this design is a very nice gift, but also a nice keepsake for later. Memory boxes or a mini chair are also great options when it comes to a baby gift with a name.

Gift list baby: make and send online

To let friends and family know. The biggest tip we can give you for this is the online wish lists of You can easily and quickly complete your list and can even add links so that your loved ones know for sure which gift you mean. This allows everyone to choose a gift for the baby that they like to give. And the nice thing is that when someone has chosen a present, this is indicated. This way you avoid double presents.

What is also very handy is that you can send the baby gift list online this way. Share the link of your list via the app or by e-mail to let your loved ones know in an accessible way which gifts you would appreciate extra. 

Send a card as a thank you.

With the tips and inspiration for your baby gift list, everything should be fine. Your child will certainly be surprised with the nicest and most useful maternity gifts. Would you like to thank your friends and family for all this love? Then send them a personal card. A thoughtful gesture that is certainly appreciated. It is extra fun if you put a photo of the little one with the gift received on the card. This way, you can easily give the surprise a personal touch.

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