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Recurrence Of Addictive Behavior and Symptoms After Treatment

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Motivational Variable

One of the adjustable that comprises in the model is motivation. The lack of motivation to change does not have to conceives as a personality trait of the addict. But as a condition characteristic that modifies using certain types of interventions. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

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The motivation variable includes in the model based on the operationalization carried out by Janis and Mann. It is of the motivational and cognitive components involved in any decision-making process related to a possible behavioral change. It essentially specifies in the benefits (pros) and costs (cons).

Behavioral Alternatives

These are for oneself and for others of the different behavioral alternatives to abandon the addictive behavior (decisional balance). The results stability strategy shows to be an important predictor of the movement of addicts located in the precontemplation and contemplation stages.

Decision Model

In the decision model, Janice, and Mann summarized eight sets of decisions. Appropriate Tools for Others Self-Confirmation Others Cost Self-Esteem Tool Costs for Others Self-Confirmation. Non-Approval Others I examined this model for addictive behavior. It turns out that people only make a clear distinction between their strengths and weaknesses.

Relaxes And Reflexes

Decisions of these strengths and weaknesses are very important in relaxes and reflexes. When a person moves from the first stage of the reflex to the more advanced stage. The difference between strengths and weaknesses reduces. By the end, however, Experts lose focus during the show The importance of flaws in thinking increases to the extent that the benefits are equal. At this stage, the decision balances. This reduces the likelihood of moving in any direction. The feebleness of the show offset the strengths. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

Relapse Processes

Regardless of the type of addictive behavior that a person presents, relapses, or relapse processes, constitute a continuous or unavoidable healthcare challenge. This is due to the high frequency with which they occur. In the treatment of addictions, the situations of counsellors in the face of deteriorations have wide-ranging from the requirement of abstinence to patients. To the proposals of the formulation of the hypothesis of the processes of change.

In which relapses understands as something so frequent that they integrate as one more link in said process. Worsening behavior only considers abnormal if it famous that it does not consistently follow human behavior. People set goals for men tend that we will constantly fail.

Rate Of Recurrence of Addictive Behavior

The question that arises, instead of starting and continuing the effort. It is whether the rate of recurrence of addictive behavior is higher than any other goal that people usually take to change their habits?

Analysis Of People

Most clinical and research impressions resulting from clinical samples. This method biased. Interviewees are generally those who have recurred but have never experienced any adverse events. Or not included in the sample for analysis of happy people. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

Understanding the impact of innate pleasure on many objective failures integrates with all perspectives. These considerations about the recurrence process refute the fact that the exacerbations are irrational and out of human control.

Recurrence Phenomenon

The effects of the recurrence phenomenon are clear and varied. It distinguished that the process of aggravation is the cause of shame for the addicted person. Because in most cases it is a phenomenon out of his and his control that causes frustration for his family. Know why this happened and what disappointed the specialists working in addiction clinics?

Exacerbation Of the Drug

Exacerbation of the drug is incomprehensible without the concept of thirst. In the first sense, consumption thirst refers to an uncontrollable desire to consume and thirst for substances. He has a strong desire to have objective experiences such as eating, dancing, and having sex. The understanding of desires is complete.

Symptoms After Treatment

That is, if someone tries to suppress them, they can continue. But it not easily suppresses. With these features, the propensity approach is important for treating people with drug problems. Thirst is the most important cause of quitting treatment. And is responsible for reducing consumption after prolonged abstinence. Especially because these symptoms recur during and after treatment.

Although there are some differences in the conceptualization of craving, there are several common elements in the different positions. These are as follows:

  1. The desire or craving for drugs is part of addiction;
  2. The desire intensifies if the individual receives the impact of signals associated with drug use;
  3. It is essential to teach patients to analyze, face and manage their desires, and observe how they disappear without the need for consumption.


The way to achieve that is complete action. Impulses define a concept because of thirst. Intention of an action to engage in a particular complementary action. The goal is to reduce the initial state (thirst). Craving and urge to consume occurs automatically and becomes free.

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