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Prevention Modalities of Drug Dependencies for Health Promotion

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Types of Prevention of Drug Dependencies

In relation to the prevention of drug dependencies. The specific prevention differentiates from non-specific. As specific prevention understands as those actions that in a clear, concrete, and explicit way. They try to influence the use of drugs. On the contrary of the non-specific one. That is the one that tries to alter consumption indirectly. Through programs or actions or areas that not connects in principle with the use of drugs. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

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Non-Specific Prevention

This means that specific prevention specifically aims at preventing the drug problem. While non-specific prevention aims at other types of activities not directly related to drugs. Such as follows:

  • Initiatives to occupy free time,
  • Promote sports,
  • Cultural and artistic,
  • Promote personal development and
  • Autonomy,

among others.

Prevention Of Alcoholism

In the author’s opinion. Although these are important activities. They should always clearly link to the prevention of alcoholism when this is the objective. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Not taking this differentiation into account has led to the loss of many efforts in the preventive field. A criterion shared by the author of this research.

Prevention Modalities

The author considers that knowing the prevention modalities is important to conceive the preventive action of drug addictions. And specifically of alcoholism in the school environment and the establishment of the methodological implications in each one. In the research, universal prevention assumes. Now considering that from the school it activates with all the students, in cooperation with the family and the community.

Health Promotion Actions

It is the prevention that develops in the school. And it is the one used in most of the school preventive programs. Such as those that try to foster abilities and clarify values linked to drug addictions. It is this modality that contributes to the achievement of health promotion actions together with community participation.

Prevention Of Drug Dependencies

On the other hand, it considers specific, as it has a well-defined field of work in relation to drug dependencies. Particularly alcoholism, with a clear methodology based on psycho-pedagogical criteria. In the investigation it also assumes that it is the prevention of the occurrence of disease that corresponds to the educational field. With the specific promotion and protection actions that it includes. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Health Promoter

For the author of the research, it is essential that the teacher. Due to his responsibility in the integral formation of the new generations, becomes a true health promoter. For this he must contribute to the appropriation of knowledge. The skills and attitudes that promote healthy lifestyles in students. And therefore, the prevention of diseases. When the teacher fulfills this social task as part of his educational work, he considers a health promoter teacher.

Investigation To the Promotional

This ratifies the importance given in the investigation to the promotional work of the teacher. This for the prevention of alcoholism. Hence the need to be prepared to carry out this type of action with quality. That throughout his professional life through strategies for his training as a health promoter.

Research Variable and Pedagogical Action

The theoretical study carried out and the practical experience allow us to identify as a research variable. That is teacher training as a health promoter for the prevention of alcoholism as the integrated process of:

  • Appropriation of knowledge,
  • Skills,
  • Values,
  • Convictions and
  • Pedagogical work methods

That it inserts as content in the preparation of the student for the exercise of professional pedagogical functions. Which expresses through the mode of professional pedagogical action. In the different spheres in which it interacts, which reveals in knowing. That is:

  • Knowing how to learn,
  • How to do,
  • In what way to be, and

How to act in an

  • Active,
  • Reflective, and
  • Evaluative way.

Operationalizing The Variable

In the process of operationalizing the variable to meet the objective of the study of developing a strategy for the prevention of alcoholism. This with the collaboration of the patients of the addiction rehabilitation group, the author raises three dimensions:

  • The cognitive,
  • The procedural
  • And the affective-behavioral,

with their respective indicators.

Knowledge About Health Promotion

The cognitive dimension covers the knowledge about concepts, laws, principles, and modes of action. That the teacher has about health promotion for the prevention of alcoholism. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Procedural Dimension

The procedural dimension refers to the essential skills that the teacher must possess to carry out the application of said knowledge. In the processes of health promotion for the prevention of alcoholism.

Affective-Behavioral Dimension

The affective-behavioral dimension refers to those attitudes, values, and necessary convictions. That the teacher must have to develop health promotion aimed at the prevention of alcoholism.

Declared Dimensions

Based on the declared dimensions. That the diagnosis of the current state of teacher training as a health promoter for the prevention of alcoholism designs.


The results obtained with the application of different instruments allow to determine potentialities. To undertake the work of training the teacher as a health promoter. This for the prevention of alcoholism and existing insufficiencies.

Materialist Dialectical Method

The theoretical support of the proposed strategy is based on the philosophy of Marxist-Leninist orientation. Which requires the consistent use of the materialist dialectical method. The development that projects to achieves through the implementation of this strategy. This also has an essential foundation in the sociology of education. And from the pedagogical point of view, the strategy is based on the law of pedagogy. That establishes the relationship between the school and life. This reflects the link between social needs and the school institution.

Principles Of Pedagogical Process

The developed strategy is also based on the principles for the direction of the pedagogical process. They are:

  • The principle of the unity of the scientific or ideological character of the pedagogical process.
  • Principles of linking education with life, the social environment and work, in the process of personality education.
  • As a principle of the unity of the instructive, the educational and the developer in the process of personality education.
  • The principle of the unity of the affective and the cognitive in the process of personality education.
  • A principle of the collective and individual nature of education and respect for the personality of the student.
  • As a principle of agreement between activity, communication, and behavior.

Nature Of Prevention Process

In addition, from the medical point of view, it is based on the principle of the integrative nature of an addiction prevention process. Where the multidimensional nature of social phenomena. And the combined influence of social, psychological, cultural, economic, and political variables recognizes.

Pedagogical Functions

The supports provided by the historical-cultural approach. These are recurrent in relation to its postulates on the role of activity and communication. As well as the link between the affective and the cognitive. Both for the exercise of professional pedagogical functions and for professional mode of action.

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